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20 Tips for Saving Energy And Money

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Here are 20 money saving tips you can follow to reduce energy use and keep your utility bills low in summer, posted on fast-growing social networking site Squidoo.

Warm summer days (and nights) are great for lowering consumer utility bills through energy efficiency.

Drawing upon more than 20 years of experience describing to homeowners and renters those cost-effective energy saving tips that will lower monthly utility bills, Banchero Media Productions offers 20 summertime energy conservation tips on its blog ( and its social media network web page (, published by Squidoo.

The tips range from the very simple to the slightly more complex. They include:

1. Turn off the furnace.

2. Set your air-conditioner thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit -- although senior citizens or people with medical conditions should consult their physicians before changing their normal home temperature.

3. Clean or replace air-conditioner filters monthly, during periods of use.

4. When shopping for a new air-conditioner -- or any other major appliance -- look for the ENERGY STAR label and consult the unit's EnergyGuide for advice on how much money running that particular appliance may cost you.

5. Hang wash on a line to dry whenever possible.

6. When using a clothes dryer, dry only full loads.

7. Use cold water in your washing machine.

8. Always wash full loads in your washing machine.

9. Pull drapes and blinds and close doors and windows during the day to keep cool air in and hot air out.

10. Open windows and drapes at night to let cool air in.

There are 10 additional recommendations, available on a dedicated Squidoo web page.

Squidoo is an on-line publishing platform and network with nearly 900,000 web pages. A percentage of Squidoo page revenues, if any, go to designated charities. Banchero Media has selected as its charity Oxfam America.

For more information visit "20 Tips for Saving Energy (and some money as well as the planet)" at this address:

Source: Banchero Media Productions

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