Avoid Heavy Jewelry to Eliminate Office Back Pain

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Office back pain is caused by a number of factors. Surprisingly heavy jewelry can be one of them. Avoiding heavy jewelry can help eliminating office back pain.

Recent studies suggest that women ages 23 to 45 are the highest bracket to suffer from back pains due to stress at work, day-to-day office positions and fashion trends. Romy Fazeli of Kymaro Health & Beauty/Spa Essentials offers simple solutions to help you eliminate the damage and prevent further pain.

Embrace Shapewear

Shapewear alleviate back pressure as it gives your body the support and structure it needs to help alleviate tensions on the spine and shoulders. Try the Kymaro Body Shaper (ubuyez.com; $39.99) - its patented breathable technology forces you to sit up straight eliminating lower back pain, while it supports the muscles against stress that heavy bags cause to your upper back and shoulders.

Avoid Heavy Jewelry

Heavy necklaces put strain on the neck and upper back muscles leaving you with unwanted pain. To get the on-trend, bold look without the pain try wood necklaces that provide the same style without the extra weight. MyJewelryBox.com’s Harvest Botanical Collection has great options to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Exercise the Right Muscles

While most people think that exercising your back will help prevent back pain this is actually not the case. You should concentrate on your calves, thighs and gluteus maximus muscles because these are the muscles that should be lifting you up from and bringing you down to your office chair – not your back which commonly causes stress to those muscles. Try practicing squats and pay attention to the muscles being used.

Written by Romy Fazeli
Kymaro Health & Beauty/Spa Essentials

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