7 Things I Did as a Realtor, When I Moved To A New Town

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Realtor in a new town

Many real estate agents naturally struggle with their businesses when moving to a new city. They need to find new connections and start basically from zero. What can you do? Katt Palmiotti, a real estate agent from Monroe, NY shares 7 things she did when moving to a new town.

As I moved into a new town and county about four years ago, knowing no one except my new husband, and having a brand new last name.

So here's what I did

  • I volunteered to do Open Houses for other agents in my office.
  • I signed up for up-time (floor time).
  • I volunteered at a town event where we had a booth.
  • I sent notes to neighbors introducing myself and was invited to a neighbor's party where i met some people.
  • I took every kind of lead I received.
  • I stopped by other agent's open houses to introduce myself and get to know the inventory.
  • I learned the MLS and studied data on homes in the area.

So how did that work?

I now go to the grocery store and liquor store and bump into people I know. I have a bunch of great friends right down the road. I've gone to weddings and dinners and movies with people I didn't know a few years ago, and oh, by the way, I've made some money also!

Just get out and meet people! That's the best strategy.

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