Yorba Linda Fire In Orange County Burns 18 Buildings

According to reports from San Diego Union Tribune and KNX1070 the wildfire in Yorba Linda has already burned 18 buildings in Orange Conty. Yorba Linda Fire is now becoming the focus of the California wildfires that has caused much damage and resulted in State of Emergency in California.

Reporting from Yorba Linda San Diego Union Tribune writes that "The fire moved west into the neighboring Orange County community of Yorba Linda, where six or seven buildings burned. No injuries were reported, but the “gusty and erratic” winds put many more homes in danger, Romero said.

"Arnel Tumang, 53, said by cellphone that he was using a hose to fight flames that burned brush in his Yorba Linda backyard."

The attached image about the Yorba Linda fire is credited to CBS which reports about the fire through a list of images. The story goes on saying "Twelve structures were damaged and immediate evacuations have been ordered in Corona and Yorba Linda because of a brush fire that started alongside the Riverside (91) Freeway."

The fire in Corona quickly sparked brush in Yorba Linda, burning up to 1,000 acres and damaging 12 structures. Authorities say one home in Maryweather Circle is in eminent danger.

Due to the damages and the high risk of Yorba Linda Fire, evacuation is ordered in Coronaand Yorba Linda. MyFox Los Angeles reports that "The exact number of destroyed or damaged homes was not immediately available, although broadcast reports indicated that at least a dozen homes, possibly as many as 16, were burned in Corona and Yorba Linda. There were no immediate reports of any injuries."


Submitted by Anderson (not verified) on
Does anyone read this story from Yorba Linda? If yes can you please report what's going on there currently?

Submitted by Veronica (not verified) on
I am in Anaheim Hills about a mile or two down the road is the cascade apartments that burned. The most current avacuation in Yorba is Village Center/Fairmont are off Yorba Linda Blvd. All the area close to Chino Hills on the hill are either burned or very close and evacuated. 91 freeway is closed towards Riverside.

Submitted by Bailey (not verified) on
i know that hundreds of people have been evacuted and that tons of houses have burnt done including my aunts backyard.. if u have any specific questions you an contact me ant my email

Submitted by Allen Negrete /... (not verified) on
First of all, I am sorry to hear your aunt sustained damage to her property in Yorba Linda. My name is Allen Negrete with Community Builders Ent. and we specialize in insurance restoration due to damage caused by fire, water, and smoke. We can also help with the restoring of your aunts landscaping, and hardscaping. If interested please have her call me at (951)509-7724 , or (949)375-0822. Thank you; Allen Negrete Community Builders Ent.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have family there. Apparently there's mandatory evacuations for everyone north of YL boulevard. There's homes burning in Bryant Ranch homes and there's fires near Savi Ranch. I don't know much else than that, sorry. Pray for everyone there. I can't get a hold of my family.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I also have family in yorba linda. They live by bryant ranch and said they're evacuating everyone and no injuries yet.

Submitted by Liz (not verified) on
My Aunt and cousin live in Yorba Linda. My Aunt called and said my cousin and wife have to evacuate. They live 2 1/2 miles east of Main Street in downtown Yorba Linda. This was about 6:00 PM. Keep PRAYING! Liz

Submitted by any update? (not verified) on
Does anyone know if there's been an update?

Submitted by Debbie Hutchens (not verified) on
My son & his wife and son and new baby live in Yorba Linda they did call and said that their home is destroyed they are safe at the moment but are driving to shelter. He lived on River Bed Drive. I will pray for all who live there

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
We have close friends on Via Tapaste 20600 area. Any update for that street?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I live off of San Antonio and Yorba Linda blvd, I left after 3:30 and their were a couple houses on San Antonio on fire and one on Ridge Park. I live on Ridge Park. Does anyone know anything about that area?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
on of our dear dear friends lives on san antonio and their house burnt to the ground yesterday!

Submitted by nobody (not verified) on
When i look out the window, its black with smoke. I can also see the fire. As far as I know, the fire is coming closer and closer to my house. It is very close to Yorba Linda Middle School. Does anyone have update to the fire evacuations?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Does anyone know the amount of damage on the archstone apartments in yorba linda?

Submitted by Please Help!!! (not verified) on
Does anyone know the status on these apartments? Please, any information would be great.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The apartments in rear (38 and I think 39) caught fire. Structures still stand but there is heavy damage. The rest of the complex looks OK.

Submitted by Lexii (not verified) on
I live in yorba linda. i live down la palma where the whole fire burned. this was a great devistation to our city. only being 16, its horrible hearing from my friends that they lost their homes. im currently in a hotel somewhere, and its killing me to not even know wether my house is standing or not. But, the most important lesson to learn. The things in your house is just material, it can definately be replaced. STAY STRONG. PRAY<3

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
me and my family live in yorba linda,pretty close to briant ranch school... we just tried to go back and see if we can go in, they still wont let us in. I hope they let us in soon, or give us more information.... its 7:00am right now

Submitted by Bijou (not verified) on
Does anyone know the status of Ohio Street north of Yorba Linda Blvd.?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have a sister that has left Yorba Linda for safety yesterday. She just bought a home 3 months ago on Tamara Drive (I have no idea where that is as I haven't had the chance to go visit yet) if anybody knows about homes in that area, please update me as I have heard nothing yet today!

Submitted by Ronald Jones (not verified) on
Does anyone know the status of the Via Vigo area of Yorba Linda

Submitted by Elizabeth Merritt (not verified) on
My family lives in yorba linda and i am away at college up in northern california.. apparently you cant go down santa ana canyon road or yorba linda blvd towards bryant ranch. Many homes have burnt up in mount whitney on top of the bryant ranch hill and i know half my backyard started burning down when the fire fighters got there and i live half way up camino de bryant. The back half of Kohls in savi ranch has burnt and the Honda dealership in the corner of la palma and yorba linda blvd is up in flames right now. Many homes in anaheim hills have been burnt and a few other small businesses in the hills... for all of you that read this or have heard about yorba linda (my home town) being on fire PLEASE PRAY, they are supposed to contain it by noon today but who knows...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I will pray for all the people who are affected by the fire, especially to the Virtusio family. Hang tight and God Bless You All.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I will pray for everyone affected in these areas - particularly the Rooney famiies in Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills. Please, please, let them all be safe!

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