Miley Cyrus Dead Rumor Not True

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The Miley Cyrus is dead rumor is not true. The rumor has spread like wild fire all over the internet, but the source is very questionable. Read about it below and enjoy some photos of Miley and a video below.

Rumors that Miley Cyrus died in a tragic car accident in the early morning hours of Friday, September 5th are not true. The rumors were started on sites like and wikipedia by someone who apparently hasn’t spent a lot of time in school. The Miley Cyrus dead rumor took off from there and took on a life of its own - so to speak.

The problem is that regardless of how many times it’s reported that the car accident didn’t happen and the 15 year old Hannah Montana star is still alive and well, people are still believing that it happened.

Another problem is, that the perpetrators of the hoax can’t spell worth a lick. They reported that the “Rueters” [sic] story is as follows:

Actress Miley Cyrus Died in Terrible Car Accident

Teen star of the hit Disney television series “Hannah Montana” Miley Cyrus appears to have died in a tragic car accident in the early hours of Friday morning. The young starlet was on her way to the filiming [sic] of the upcoming “Hannah Montanna” [sic] Series when her vehicle was reportedly hit by a large truck. Witnesses estimate that the colliding vehicle was travelling [sic] at “At least 55mph” and had “Run a stop sign.” Although rushed in a [sic] critical condition to Pacific Alliance Medical Centre [sic], the news broke quickly amongst reporters that the teen had succumbed to her injuries during surgery.

We are thinking that the iressponsible people that started the Miley Cyrus dead rumor are from Europe, since they spelled ‘center’ the European way, ‘centre’. But that’s hard to tell considering that so many other words are misspelled. I’m pretty sure that Reuters doesn’t really hire people who can’t spell any better than the example above would make it seem.

It doesn’t matter where they come from, it just says a lot about the state of our educational system. If nothing else, you’d think they could turn on their spell check. Quiet weekends are disturbed with such irresponsible spreading of rumors such as Miley Cyrus dead rumor.

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who would spread something like that

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why will they spread a rumor like that!they're so evil!

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