Arrogance on Display At G20, Bush Ignored

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Watch this video of U.S. President George W. Bush’s reception at the G20 summit on the global economic crisis. As you will see, Bush was ignored by every other leader, including Gordon Brown (Britain) and Angela Merkel (Germany). He walked with his head down, ignoring most, no one shook his hand or welcomed him to the meeting.

Although there has been some talk on mostly progressive blogs about this action, some making fun of it, others finding it ’sad’ that this has happened to ‘America,’ I’d like to offer a slightly different perspective. That from a European:

Whether they personally like him or not, Bush was elected by the American people. Twice. They may not like him very much, but he represents his country and his people. Even if you don’t respect the man himself, at least respect his country and his office.

Instead, these leaders (most of whom Europeans) acted like spoiled brats, coming from rich families, who were educated at the best private schools and then got a degree from the best universities in the world (which describes most of them quite well incidentally), who do not want to ‘mingle with common folk’ like Bush.

European leaders have always considered Bush a retard - a true American cowboy and ‘new money’ - but were afraid to show their disrespect because of his power. Now that he will almost step down, however, they suddenly feel it is perfectly OK to ‘put him back in his place.’ They are basically telling him to go to the kitchen where he can eat with the other servants while the elite eat in the gorgeous dining room.

Some may call this ’sad,’ believing that Bush deserves such treatment. It is sad, indeed. But for an entirely different reason; because it shows what kind of people these G20 leaders are. One hopes that especially the Europeans among the group will be shunned in a similar way once. Lord knows quite some of them deserve it, especially Gordon Brown who brought his country to the brink of economic collapse - far worse than America’s situation.

This news is reported by PoliGazette.

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