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Cyber Monday 2008 Ads: One Says Buy Nothing

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The date of the famous Cyber Monday 2008 is around the corner. Consumers are flooding the web stores of retailers and technology sellers looking for Cyber Monday ads and deals. One ad says by nothing.

Now is the time where the Black Friday ads leave the scene and Cyber Monday 2008 ads pick up getting the consumers ready for the December 1st date, which is the date of the 2008 Cyber Monday. The Cyber Monday, also called Black Monday officially marks the start of the Holiday and Christmas Shopping Season. Remember, retailers always think big on Cyber Monday and show that in their ads. They view the Cyber Monday as the continuation of Black Friday.

We know the stress that comes with Holiday Shopping and with Cyber Monday. We just saw who this Black Friday ended, becoming a black shopping day in the most literary meaning of the word.

Postchronice writes "Black Friday? Cyber Monday? 2008 Ads can cause a stressful situation. How about 'Buy Nothing Day', a glorious and stress-free 24 hours! Buy Nothing Day is celebrating it's 16th anniversary since being started back in 1993."

We don't know if the Cyber Monday 2008 ads and sales deals will be crucial. Today's consumer is watching his or her budget and is careful in spending. "Many retailers have moved to the weekend strategy and expect more ads an online deals each day. There is serious speculation that this a make or break season for many retailers and that means they will use anything they can to get buyers interested," reports The National Ledger. Read about the 10 retailers that may not be around in 2009 if the 2008 bottom lines are not good due to the economic slowdown.

Why is it called Cyber Monday?

Kyle James, the publisher of an online coupon site, explains that the Cyber Monday is said to be one of the biggest online shopping days of the year as folks go back to work and use their "Free Time" to do some Holiday and deal shopping on their computer. "What I discovered was that online retailers really pick up on this 'Cyber Monday' idea and have some amazing deals on their web site for one day only. Best, for example had some great online coupons and deals for flat screen TV’s and digital cameras. Also, I noticed that Lane had a 30% off coupon, a couple rare JC Penney coupons good for free shipping or 15% off, and there was an American Eagle Outfitters coupon good for 15% off, all of which were only available on Cyber Monday. I say next year sleep in on Thanksgiving weekend and do your shopping online in your PJ's with a cup of coffee. Not only will you avoid the long lines and crowded parking lots but you may be amazed by the savings and coupons online retailers are handing out."

Retails have a lot to do to prepare for Cyber Monday. It's not only preparing the 2008 Cyber Monday Ads and sales deals, but also making sure the webiste is ready to handle the increased traffic so the consumers may have a pleasant online shopping experience. Retailes have to have a clear shipping information so the customers know when to expect the product. Retalers are advised not to give false promises on shipping and not promise what they can't deliver.

Apparently today there were very good deals in many retail stores. "Ads for special items, like a $9 flash drive at Wal-Mart, were too enticing to pass up this year, she said. The Vaughns said they plan to spend only half what they normally have on Christmas shopping" reports

If these were the Black Friday deals, let's wait and see what the 2008 Cyber Monday ads will bring about the deals and sales on gadgets and technology as well as home improvement products.


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Since around 2005 when someone first coined the term, and Cyber Monday was born, there has been lots of talk. Let's face it that those who shop online do it at the expense of their employer. It's time away from their job to shop. Otherwise it would be Cyber Saturday or Cyber Weekend. I'm just happy that Cyber Monday came. I'm anticipating a hefty commission from sales. You see, I make money whenever someone shops eBay and hundreds of online stores. Have a super prosperous 2008 and 2009 everyone! M.C., The CASH BACK AT EBAY gal

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