What Stores Are Open On News Year's Day

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In many parts of the world the New Year's day is a holiday and people don't work. This has raised a question: are the stores open on New Year's day, or actually what stores are open on New Year's day.

The stores that are open on New Year's day will vary from country to country and from state to state. It also depends if we are talking about chain stores or mom and pop types of stores.

Let's take a look and see how various answering services responded to the question of what stores are open on New Year's Day.

Yahoo Answers does not have an up-to-date information of what stores are open on New Year's Day. Just summarizing it shows that Old Navy is open and Walgreens is usually always open. However, keep in mind that the answers are two years old.

A forum in Purseblog reads that Big Malls all open. Chain restaurants all open. However, again this information is one year old.

Rachel N has good explanation writing that "On New Years Day, most retail stores will be open because this is the last day of the holiday season, and most will have sales going on though the best sales are already over with, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, this applies to mostly the major retail stores. You will find that most small businesses will be closed, especially the ones not directly involved with retail sales. Its a holiday, after all! But as of January 2nd, everything will be back to normal."

We also found other sites where there are fresh questions about what stores are open on New Year's Day, but no answers yet.

We suggest to check a particular store's website and call the local store to find out. You can also consider online shopping and not worry about shopping hassle, while saving time. While doing your online shopping you may want to consider helping other people and share your favorite product's sales link but freely submitting it to www.reizit.com. If other people like your submission they can vote for it and help to raise more awareness about that product.

As you can see there is no clear cut answer to what stores are open on New Year's day. Each of us need to check our local store hours by calling them or just shopping online.

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