Top 5 Best Smartphones To Hit 2009

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Who says that there is nothing to great things to expect this year in terms of smartphones and mobile devices? See the list of top 5 smartphones that will hit in 2009.

With companies slashing more of its workforce assets to survive the economic slump – including mobile companies. In the line of smartphones, competition are getting crowded almost all manufacturer have issued their flagship carrier mobile phones. Some used it as a stepping stone to regain its name and company in the market innovating unique features on their handset for technology consumer to talk to and wait for.

The Consumer Electronics Show(CES) and Mobile World Congress(MWC) this year have introduced as some of future-like in mobile phone innovation. Bringing handsets that equipped with high-end navigational system, high definition display, advance multi-media functionality, useful applications and even brimful pixel built-in camera.

We take a look on bringing you the most talked and awaited mobile handset to hit 2009. The ranking is based on their functionality and distinctive features that the tech-network has been buzzing all day.

No. 5 – Sony Ericson Idou

No.4 – Samsung i8910 Omnia HD

No.3 – Apple iPhone 4G – dubbed iPhone 2009

No.2 – Sprint Palm Pre

No.1 – Nokia N97

I understand that some may not agree with our choices. However, based on my point of view and daily tech-meal, I believe N97 and Palm Pre have very close fight to number one spot. (I maybe cursed by the Apple fans club by now.) We can only decide when this smartphones comes into our hands.

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