Obama Budget: $600 Billion-Plus for Health Care Reform in 2010

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President Obama has released his budget for fiscal year 2010, beginning in October, this morning. Most details of Obama budget are not available yet, but the Washington Post notes some of the details of the budget that will be announced when the budget is released.

The Obama administration's budget is set to make a "down payment" of $634 billion on health care coverage expansion starting with next year's budget. This, following the expansion of SCHIP, is another step towards government-controlled health care and is being put in place to increase the number of individuals reliant on government health care. Rather than make a majority of U.S. citizens scale back on "going out", huge cellphone-internet packages, newer cars, etc. in order to purchase their own health care insurance, the federal government is counting on those of the working population to foot yet another bill for those looking for a free ride.

Obama's budget concerning health care reform continues the disturbing pattern that President Bush's expansion of Medicare Part-D and President Obama's own expansion of SCHIP have carried on. Yes, we live in a nation that is fortunate enough to provide for those who are struggling during "in-between" times where health care insurance becomes too much. Doing this will help the nation as a whole and save money. However, creating a population dependent on the federal government (rather American taxpayers) is not the path America needs to take. I fear, as illustrated in Britain, down the road we will have government officials dictating who is worthy to get what surgeries, procedures, etc., all in the name of "saving resources". It's ironic to me that so many who blamed Bush, FEMA, and others in the federal government for failing to react appropriately during Katrina want the federal government to oversee & provide for their health care.

Higher taxes in the form of cap & trade mandates are also in President Obama's 2010 budget. Cap and trade is a system in which companies are required to "purchase allowances" (read pay taxes) to exceed "pollution limits" (set in place by the taxer themselves, the federal government). The administration claims revenue raised from these taxes will be used for "investments" in "renewable energy", an industry that currently lacks the technology to create a free market and thus, no profit. The administration also acknowledges taxes from companies will be used to help "vulnerable consumers" pay their bills when utility companies pass on the costs. This is yet another tax increase on American tax payers, because it is them that will ultimately foot the bill, as they are at the end of the pass-the-buck line, a line that originates from the federal government.

The Obama administration says the 2010 budget plan released today is only a summary and that a more extensive, "fleshed-out" plan, will be announced in April.

Kyle Godfrey is an M.P.H. graduate student at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, GA. Originally from Atlanta, GA, he runs the blog Yellow Limes.

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