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Facebook, MySpace Hit By Koobface Worm

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A new strain of Koobface worm, a type of web application virus, is resurfacing in Facebook and Myspace. Security experts warn the users of the popular online social networks to be watchful and use caution when on the networks. The "Koobface" Facebook worm tricks users and hijacks accounts.

We could not find any warning in the Facebook's website about the Koobface worm, but the topic is the talk of the town and the Washington Post writes the following on the Facebook worm.

"Security experts are warning users of Facebook, MySpace and other social networking communities to be on guard against a new strain of the "Koobface" worm, which spreads by tricking users into responding to a message apparently sent from one of their friends.

"The latest version of Koobface arrives as an invitation from a user's friend or contact, inviting the recipient to click on a link and view a video at a counterfeit YouTube site. Visitors are told they need need to install an Adobe Flash plug-in to view the video.

"The bogus plug-in instead installs a Trojan horse program that gives Koobface author(s) control over the infected user's computer, according to security firm Trend Micro, which documented the new strain on its blog."

The newspaper continues that the "worm currently is spreading across multiple networks, including,,, and" because it hijaks the user's social network account and sends invitations to the user's friends which include the worm in it, thus spreading the virus.

As the Twitter community is discussing the Facebook Worm I saw some good practical advise on what you can do to either prevent or minimize the damage.

healthythinker: Watch out today for the Facebook worm - don't open any videos from strangers! Hackers could take over your hard drive.

publicrelations: RT @CNN reporting on Facebook worm - don't click on video message asking to update Flash.

coreyewade: the virus is posting a link on anew worm affecting facebook, youtube and other sites. This is for all you Windows PC users, you Mac people are safe.

it_world: Koobface worm to users: Be my Facebook friend: A worm that hit Facebook last December has resurfaced, a security..

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