Hugo Chavez Singing About Hillary Clinton, Improvising a Tune

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The president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez who yesterday was singing a song about Hillary Clinton in front of mutli-thousand audience is known for his love of music. He had demonstrated that when he last visited Moscow.

Yesterday BBC showed a footage where Chavez was singing a song about his relationship with Hillary Clinton. He imporvised a tune the words of which were "I'm not loved by Hillary Clinton... and I don't love her either," the BBC reports.

Chavez Clinton song is quickly became viral on YouTube. Watch Chavez singing to Clinton here.

Last week the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was traveling in the South America and she critiqued the government of Hugo Chavez and his policies. However, Clinton also said that the United States is open to improving its relationship with Chavez but that "it doesn't appear that he wants to."

Chavez used the opportunity to meet several thousands of people all dressed in red shirts to address his response to Clinton in a song. By the way, Chavez has a great voice. The audience cheered his singing, but it's not necessarily because they are anti-American, but perhaps because they liked his singing.

Written by Armen Hareyan

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