Caribbean Cruise Port Review St John's Antigua

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St John's, the capital of Antigua and Barbuda, is a lovely historic town with plenty of great attractions, shopping, dining, and activities. Located in a large but protected bay in the northwest of the island of Antigua, St John's provides not only a spectacularly scenic area for tourists, but also a safe port of call in the event of bad weather, as most Caribbean storms approach from the east.

Passengers aboard cruise ships docking in St John's will first notice the two magnificent white baroque towers of St John's Cathedral, the most prominent of the city's historic landmarks. Although the church was built centuries ago, the existing structure only dates back as far as 1845, as two previous cathedrals were each destroyed by earthquakes in 1683 and 1745 respectively. St John's boasts a number of other valuable and interesting historic buildings, making a stroll around the old port town a must for any visitor and a great way to work out any sea legs you may have obtained from your Caribbean cruise!

There are plenty of things to do in St John's. There is a vast array of duty-free shops as well as shops selling Antigua and Barbuda specialty items such as shell jewelry, shells, wooden carvings, pottery and other handcrafts. There is also a wide range of quality boutiques. A great place to shop for bargains and souvenirs is the bustling farmers market, held every Friday and Saturday morning. As for sports and outdoor recreation, St John's provides a great base for sailing, scuba diving, hiking, fishing, bird watching, kayaking, and mountain biking. These activities can either be undertaken privately or in guided tours. Specialist guides are available for hire for those seeking a more personal experience in their own area of interest.

With the modernization of the port has come a wonderful variety of restaurant and dining options that provide the best of both international and local cuisine. Of course seafood is one of the culinary delights of St John's, and you can wash it down with a large selection of quality vintage wines. Before or after dining, relax with a sundowner or nightcap at one of the many waterfront bars that offer decor and music to suit a multitude of different tastes.

All in all, St John's is one of the best ports of call in the Caribbean. It boasts magnificent examples of everything the Caribbean has to offer: historic landmarks, spectacular natural scenery, quality shopping, exhilarating dining, fun activities and above all, friendly local people.

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