Inexpensive Ways To Transform Any Room

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With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about freshening up our homes and may be doing some home improvement. Besides the proverbial “spring cleaning”, with warmer weather approaching, it’s also a great time to think about enlivening your dreary winter interior. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of inexpensive ideas to rejuvenate your home.

Add Some Color (Under $100) – If you’re feeling up to a project, why not try a new paint color to cover those drab walls. Choose a color that speaks to you and don’t be afraid of a bit of drama. With that said, before you fully coat the walls, paint a test patch to see if you can live with that paint. Or, for a bold look, choose a complimentary color to the existing walls and create a focal wall. Tip: Home Depot has color match and can mix a paint to reflect the hue of just about anything!

Rearrange the Furniture ($0) – If your room is in need of a change, try rearranging the furniture. Creating a new seating configuration can make a space feel entirely different. When thinking up a new layout, be sure to keep in mind the room’s use(s) and traffic patterns. Tip: Make scale drawings of the furniture on grid paper and cut them out, then sketch the room to scale. This will allow you select the best layout without moving any furniture.

Accessorize (Under $300) – Changing out pillows, lampshades, throws, or even drapes is a great way to make a room feel instantly different. Once we’ve lived with things for a while, we tend not to “see” them. Adding some new pieces will revamp your room and make it feel new again. Tip: My personal favorites for inexpensive accessory-shopping are Marshall’s Homegoods and Pier 1.

Wall Art ($20+) – One excellent way to change the feel of a room is to alter what’s on your walls. If your walls are bland, bare or boring, it’s definitely time for a change. Wall art adds character and interest to any space and is a real reflection of the inhabitants. Don’t feel like you have to be conventional – be creative and have fun! Tip: Frame family photos or even showcase children’s artwork for a personal touch. For a statement piece, visit to browse great artwork starting at just $20!

Fresh Flowers ($10/week) – It may be an old stand-by, but fresh flowers can instantly enliven any room. Place a vase on your dining table, in your living room, or next to your bed for an instant burst of good-smelling color! Tip: If you’re on a budget or don’t feel like changing-out flowers weekly, consider investing in small potted plants that flower. They’ll last a lot longer than cut flowers.

All these ideas are inexpensive yet completely effective when it comes to freshening up your home. Select a few that will work for you, or try them all for a true (budget-friendly) transformation!

Cailen A. Poles is an interior & lifestyle designer who specializes in the art of well-designed living. Visit her blog,, for more helpful tips on how to your best life.

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