Hotel Extended Stay Vs. Condo During Vacation

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The summer is around the corner and the vacation season is upon us. Many of the readers will be faced with question of where to stay when taking a vacation on the beach or going up to the mountains. Should one choose a hotel for an extended stay or a condo?

Around four years ago we took our first family vacation visiting Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. We choose an extended stay in a good hotel with an ocean-front view. Everything was wonderful, but something was missing. It was only one nice room with a small kitchen and despite the ocean-front view the space was small an not comfortable enough for a week-long vacation.

The following year we took another family vacation to the beach and choose a five star hotel for our extended stay. It was not an ocean-front, but the ocean could be seen from our window. Everything, including the amenities, were much better compared to the past year. The continental breakfast was much richer, hotel rooms were cleaner and the pool had a nice exercise room near it. However, it was not again what I would describe as homey and toward the end of our extended stay in that nice hotel we still counted the hours to leave and to return home. Staying with two children in one room is hard for seven days.

The last two years we have chosen another avenue for our extended vacation stay: not a hotel, but a condo. In the beginning I thought the condo would be more expensive than a hotel for a vacation extended stay. However, to my surprise that was not always the case. Even if the cost of the condo is a little more than a comparable hotel, the comfort that the homey environment provides makes it much worth in our opinion than a hotel would make.

Depending on a season (we take our vacations in summer) we still would get a very comparable deal when taking a condo. Since our first experience with a condo for vacation we never went back to a hotel for an extended stay.

Condos provide comfort. You get a dining area, a living room, nice balcony (although some hotel rooms may have balconies too) and most importantly space. All of these add immeasurably to a family vacation and the family is not confined to a single room when having an extended stay in a hotel, unless you take a luxury rooms, which are normally very expensive and not affordable for an average person.

Therefore, while the circumstances may be different for a single vacationer, our choice for a family vacation has in the last few years been a condo vs. a hotel room for an extended stay. It seems that with a condo and the added space and privacy the enjoyment level has been higher then compared to the one of a hotel room.

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