Detroit Lions New Uniform Elements

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Detroit Lions have a new uniform and a new logo as part of a big brand strategy. We are not sure if fixing the logo and the uniform may fix the team, may be the opposite should have been done, but let's wait and see. In the mean time let's see the elements of the Detroit Lions new uniform below.

Home Honolulu Blue Jerseys

• The Lions new home jerseys are Honolulu Blue, a color first established in 1934.

• The numerals were developed and customized specifically for the Lions uniform. They are Honolulu Blue, trimmed in silver and black.

• Above the new numerals is the new Lions logotype.

• On the collar, there are three trim lines of equal width, with two black trim lines outside a silver trim line.

• The sleeves are a new knit sleeve that features a wide silver trim, inside two smaller white trims and those all inside two black trims of equal width as the white trim. The new material is improved and more flexible for players. The trim is part of the knit-sleeve material, which was changed from the previous silk-screened sleeve.

• Numerals remain on the shoulders but are now in the customized Lions jersey numerals.

• Players’ nameplates on the back of the uniform have slightly modified block letters from the previous block letter names on the back of the uniform.

Road White Jerseys

• The road jerseys are the traditional “road whites,” with blue numerals trimmed in silver and black.

• Included above the front numerals is the Lions logotype.

• On the road jerseys, the collar is in the same black and silver trim pattern as the home uniforms.

• Sleeves are of the same new knit-sleeve material that are on the new home uniforms. The trim on the sleeves includes a wide Honolulu blue trim, inside two smaller silver trims and those are all inside two black trims of equal width as the white trim.


• With the introduction of the new Lions logo, the helmet now features the new logo on each side. It is the most significant change since the Lions logo was first placed on the team’s helmet in 1961.

• The facemasks will remain black, but the new Lions logotype will be included on the front and the back of the helmet.

• At the top middle of the helmet, the striping pattern has been modified. Instead of a thick white stripe, two Honolulu blue stripes and a very thin black accent stripe, the helmet striping pattern is now a 5/8-inch Honolulu blue stripe, two 3/16-inch white stripes and two 3/16-inch black stripes. Part of the new brand initiative is to create consistency and one example of this is that the striping pattern on the helmet, at a smaller scale, is the same striping pattern as the team’s game pants.

Pants and Game Socks

• Detroit’s game pants will remain in the team’s traditional silver. Like the striping pattern on the helmet, the pants vertical trim on the side of the legs are now a thick Honolulu blue stripe inside smaller white stripes, which are all inside black stripes that are the same width as the white stripes.

• The game socks, which are the same for the home and road uniforms, now have a 5/8-inch black stripe on the calf midline. The top half is Honolulu blue and the bottom half is white.

NFL Shield, NFL Equipment Logo and Reebok Vector Logo

• The NFL Shield, NFL Equipment logo and Reebok vector will be placed on the same parts of the uniform as in year’s past.

• On the back of the Lions’ helmet, the NFL Shield is placed on the left (from a rear view).

• The NFL Equipment logo is prominently placed at the v-neck of both the home and road uniforms. It also appears at the top of the team’s left pant leg.

• Reebok’s vector logo appears on both top, side shoulders of the home and road uniforms, and the vector is placed on the top of the left pant leg.

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