University of Iowa Has 21 programs in top 10

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U.S.News & World Report now ranks 21 University of Iowa graduate programs and colleges among the 10 best in the country when compared to other public universities, with five UI programs continuing to rank in first place.

The print edition of "America's Best Graduate Schools 2010," which hits newsstands April 28, includes the University of Iowa's No. 1 ranked speech-language pathology and audiology graduate programs, the physician assistant program and the nursing specialties of Nursing Service Administration and Gerontological/Geriatric. All five rankings are carried over from previous years.

Other University of Iowa graduate programs ranked highly when compared to other public universities, a mix of new and carry-over rankings that won't all appear in the print guidebook, are: social psychology, 2 (new ranking); printmaking, 2; physical therapy, 3; rehabilitation counseling, 4; earth sciences specialties-paleontology, 5; nursing-anesthesia, 5; nursing specialty-nurse practitioner: pediatric, 6; Master of Fine Arts program in art and design, 7; physics specialties-plasma, 7; Master of Fine Arts specialty-painting/drawing, 7; clinical psychology, 8; College of Law, 9 (new ranking); education specialty, higher education administration, 9 (new ranking); nursing master's, 9; medical specialty- rural medicine, 10; and Carver College of Medicine-primary care, 10 (new ranking).

"The fact that the University of Iowa rankings have gone up in certain areas or have remained steady in others shows that our commitment to academic excellence is as strong as ever. This is also a tribute to the intellectual vigor of our faculty, staff and students, as well as their commitment to building world class expertise, programs and colleges," said UI President Sally Mason.

University of Iowa Executive Vice President and Provost Wallace Loh agreed.

"I am very pleased to see the University of Iowa continue its strong tradition of academic excellence in our graduate programs, ranging from those in the health sciences and business to English and printmaking," Loh said.

John Keller, dean of the UI Graduate College, said he's pleased that a number of the university's graduate program offerings continue to be recognized as among the best in the nation, especially at a time when more people are contemplating attending graduate school.

"Since even more people are choosing to pursue graduate studies with the current economic situation, it continues to be critical to maintain our strong graduate programs," Keller said. "These outstanding graduate programs provide the foundation for the next generation of professionals in many fields. Iowa's commitment to graduate education continues to produce top researchers, professors and leaders for the state, nation and world."

Highlights of graduate school rankings are scheduled for publication in the May print issue of U.S.News & World Report magazine, available for newsstand purchase as of April 28. The America's Best Graduate Schools guidebook will also be available for purchase as of April 28. All of the information in the printed guide, plus deeper rankings that are available only online, may be found at A subscription is required to access all of the data.

Each year, U.S.News ranks graduate programs in the areas of business, education, engineering, law, and medicine. These rankings are based on two types of data: expert opinion about program quality and statistical indicators that measure the quality of a school's faculty, research, and students. For the rankings in all five areas, indicator and opinion data come from surveys of more than 1,500 programs and some 11,000 academics and other professionals that were conducted in 2008.

U.S.News first published a reputation-only graduate school ranking in 1987. The annual America's Best Graduate Schools report began in 1990.

* * *

Following are all ranked University of Iowa graduate schools, specialties and programs, beginning with the highest-ranked programs. Rankings at the front end of each entry are as compared to other public universities as calculated by the UI Office of University Relations. The overall ranking comparing UI colleges and programs to all public and private universities is listed subsequently in parentheses.

Rankings with an asterisk (*) are new for the 2010 issue of "America's Best Graduate Schools." All other rankings are from previous years but still stand. Some of the rankings are from an expanded list available online at with a paid subscription.

1 Speech-Language Pathology, master's (At the UI, this program is in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, formerly named the Department of Speech Pathology, in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) (1)

1 Physician Assistant, master's/doctorate (Carver College of Medicine) (1)

1 Nursing Specialty-Nursing Service Administration (College of Nursing) (1)

1 Nursing Specialty-Gerontological/Geriatric (College of Nursing) (2)

1 Audiology, master's/doctorate (CLAS) (2)

2 Printmaking (CLAS) (2)

*2 Sociology Specialties-Social Psychology (CLAS) (3)

3 Physical Therapy, master's/doctorate (Carver College of Medicine Division of Associated Medical Sciences) (5)s

4 Rehabilitation Counseling, master's/doctorate (College of Education) (4)

5 Earth Sciences Specialties-Paleontology, doctorate (CLAS) (8)

5 Nursing-Anesthesia, master's (College of Nursing) (6)

6 Nursing Specialty-Nurse Practitioner: Pediatric (College of Nursing) (13)

7 Master of Fine Arts program in art and design (CLAS) (21)

7 Physics Specialties-Plasma, doctorate (CLAS) (9)

7 Fine Arts Specialty-Painting/Drawing, master's (CLAS) (19)

8 Clinical Psychology, doctorate (CLAS) (9)

*9 College of Law (26)

*9 Education Specialty-Higher Education Administration (College of Education) (15)

9 Nursing, master's (College of Nursing) (12)

*10 Medicine Specialty-Rural Medicine (Carver College of Medicine) (10)

*10 College of Medicine-Primary Care (Carver College of Medicine) (10)

*11 Engineering Specialty-Environmental/Environmental Health (17)

*11 Business Specialty-Accounting (Tippie College of Business) (21)

11 Nursing Specialty-Family (College of Nursing) (16)

11 Nursing Specialty-Nurse Practitioner: Family (College of Nursing) (16)

11 Public Health (College of Public Health (18)

*12 Education Specialty-Student Counseling and Personnel Services (College of Education) (12)

12 Healthcare Management, master's (previously cited in rankings as Health Services Management. At the UI, this degree is the master's of health administration and the program is located in the College of Public Health Department of Health Management and Policy) (17)

*14 College of Medicine-Research (Carver College of Medicine) (31)

*15 English, doctorate (CLAS) (29)

*15 Economics, doctorate (Tippie College of Business) (34)

*15 Psychology, doctorate (CLAS) (29)

15 Pharmacy, Pharm.D. (College of Pharmacy) (16)

*16 Education specialty, educational psychology (College of Education) (21)

*17 Education specialty, Secondary teacher education (College of Education) (21)

*17 Political Science, doctorate (CLAS) (33)

*18 History, doctorate (CLAS) (36)

*18 Education Specialty-Curriculum and Instruction (22)

*22 College of Business (44)

*22 Sociology, doctorate (CLAS) (36)

*22 College of Education (32)

*22 Engineering Specialty-Biomedical/Bioengineering (College of Engineering) (43)

*23 Library and Information Studies, doctorate (Graduate College) (27)

23 Biological Sciences, doctorate (CLAS) (48)

*27 Engineering Specialty-Civil (College of Engineering) (41)

*28 Engineering Specialty-Mechanical (College of Engineering) (48)

*30 Engineering Schools (58)

32 Mathematics, doctorate (CLAS) (55)

*33 Engineering Specialty-Computer Engineering (College of Engineering) (58)

35 Physics, doctorate (CLAS) (56)

37 Computer Science, doctorate (CLAS) (61)

38 Social Work, master's (CLAS) (60)

39 Chemistry, doctorate (CLAS) (62)

*40 Engineering Specialty-Electrical/Electronic/Communications (College of Engineering) (69)

47 Earth Sciences, doctorate (CLAS) (70)

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