Farda Gadyrov Named Identifed As Baku Azerbaijan Shooter

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Tragic school shootings are spreading around the world like viruses taking innocent lives. Now the news comes from Baku, Azerbaijan where where Farda Gadyrov is identified as the suspect shooter in the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.

Farda Gadyrov is identified as a Georgian citizen, but the name is not a Georgian national name, rather it's an Azeri last name. Many residents in Georgia that have national origin from Azerbaijan live in Georgia, particularly in the areas bordering Azerbaijan.

According to RIA Novosti thirteen people were killed and 11 wounded when at least one gunman opened fire at the State Oil Academy in Azerbaijan's capital on Thursday, the country's health ministry said. AP has a correction from the Azerbaijan's Interior Ministry that Baku shooting left 12 dead, not 13.

One gunman, later identified as a Georgian national, opened fire at the academy and then shot himself, the ANS channel reported. Other reports said two gunmen were involved in the attack.

The gunman was reported to have killed a security guard and cleaner after entering the academy and continued shooting indiscriminately at students and staff from a Makarov pistol while going up a staircase.

A police officer said the attacker climbed up to the sixth floor and shot himself in one of the classrooms there.

The Interior Ministry of Azerbaijan said the police operation had ended, promising to release details of the incident later.

Television reports said Azerbaijani, Turkish and Syrian nationals were among the dead. The academy is a major international center training oil industry specialists.

Azerbaijan state oil academy. (ASOA) was founded in 1920 in Baku and it was first technical high educational institution of the petroleum profile in Europe and Asia and for more than 82 years of its existence, it brought valuable contribution in scientific-technical ideas development in Azerbaijan, the former Soviet Union and in many foreign countries citizens of which got high education within the walls of ASOA.

School shootings show that our societies have a very serious problem in protecting our children and students. We remember the tragic school shootings in the United States, in Germany recently and now in Azerbaijan. HULIQ.com extends our condoleances to the victims of the shootings in Baku and elsewhere and hopes that we can root out these types of very negative and tragic things from our societies.

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