No One Knows Why Banana Boat Rat

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Google's relatively new tool called Search Trends has become a very popular source of news for many people. Sometimes however top trends become topics that no one knows the cause. For example, this morning the number one top trend is Banana Boat Rat, but there is no news associated with it. No one knows why Banana Boat Rat is the most searched topic in Google at this moment.

We did some searches and found many results associated with Banana Boat, but did not found anything like Banana Boat Rat. However, I should point out that we noticed some scam postings associated with Banana Boat Rat.

Even the Twitter Search is not helpful. Usually in the Twitter search you can see the latest results on a particular topic. They are live opinions about your search. However, while my search for Banana Boat Rat returned some results that claim the latest news about the topic, they led me to scam and misleading pages.

The only legitimate twit was this. "#1 search on Google Trends right now is "banna boat rat" but when you search for it, nothing comes up. What the hell is a banana boat rat?"

Please email huliq at if you find out what the Banana Boat Rat means.

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