May 11 Is Eat What You Want Day

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There is no limit to social creativity in naming dates like the one today: Eat What You Want day. May 11 is a new holiday. Every year this date is celebrated as Eat What You Want day.

First thing comes to our mind is don't most people celebrate "Eat What You Want Day" everyday? It's hard to say, but apparently so as the epidemic of obesity is spreading fast in our society. This is particularly alarming when it comes to the issue of child obesity.

If you are on a diet then know that today is not a diet day. Eat What You Want May 11 holiday is known as a day that you can eat without repercussions from your nutrition or weight loss trainer. Doesn't look good does it? Looks like this is going against the conventional message of eating healthy and exercise daily.

Perhaps you can eat what you want today, but make sure you get back to your diet and weight loss regimen tomorrow. People with allergies and/or medical conditions, may not be able to fully participate in this day. Simply said: Do not risk your health to participate in this day.

In any case Happy Eat What you Want Day. Note that we said eat what you want no eat as much as you want. Our message is eat what you want, but eat healthy.

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