Old Navy Flip Flop 2009 Sale Lures Shoppers

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The search for Old Navy store hours has been one of the top things in people's minds as they want to take advantage of Old Navy's Memorial Day flip flop 2009 sale.

Memorial Day weekend is the day that starts the summer sale in many store chains. Usually stores offer a flow-out sale on a particular product related to summer, which in turn draws the shoppers. Old Navy does a near 1 dollar flip flop sale, thus inaugurating it's summer 2009 sale.

Examiner reports that there is a limit on how many flip flops you can buy during today's Old Navy Sale.

"For your flip flops needs (for those days at the beach and as you summer travel), Old Navy is the place to be. On Saturday, May 23rd, Old Navy is offering their solid flip flops for $1! There is a 5-pair limit per person, so don't go expecting to buy 20. The Old Navy on State Street (35 N. State Street) will be opening at 8am, so get there early if you want any particular colors."

However, it should be noted that Old Navy's 2009 flip flop sale is not very attractive to many people. What if you don't have an Old Navy store in your local area? Or if it's 10 miles away. You have to put $2 dollars worth of gas to get a $1 dollar flip flop on sale.

This interest comment from Twitter summarizes it. " GingerCM: I'd have to drive 70 miles at least RT to buy $1 flip flops at #old navy. I think I'lll get the $2 ones at Wal Mart locally instead. Cheaper."

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