Jet America Airlines To Fly For 9 Dollar Tickets

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Low cost airlines start to fly in the travelers' radar as Jet America Airlines introduces 9 dollar fares and will start operations on July 13. One wonders how is Jet America going to make money with 9 dollar fares? Or is this only to create some initial buzz about cheap airline tickets?

Cheap Airline Tickets

Jet America Airlines 9 dollar cheap tickets will get the discount travelers from Newark, NJ to Toledo. There will be only nine seats in each flight that will cost nine dollars each. According to Tampabay Jet America Airlines will make money from additional fees, just like other low cost airlines.

Jet America Airlines opens for business today. Airline ticket reservations can already made from its website and some aspects of its business is modeled by other low cost successful European airlines such as Ryanair. writes that "Jet America will charge an additional $20 for a round-trip with an assigned seat, $20 to buy a ticket by phone and $10 to book on the Web site ( The airline will begin with one leased jet and grow to four planes in a year, said chief executive John Weikle, former boss at now-defunct Skybus. The four initial cities — Toledo, Ohio, South Bend, Ind., Lansing, Mich., and Melbourne on Florida's east coast — are subsidizing Jet America by waiving airport fees and helping with marketing and advertising."

According to Jet America Airlines is on track to deliver air passengers on July 13 in a Boeing 737-800 jet from Toledo to Newark, N.J., Melbourne, Fla., Lansing, Mich., and South Bend, Ind.

By the way, don't confuse Jet America Airlines with the private jet service Jet America LTD. The latter's website is while the website of Jet America Airlines is, which we could not access at this point. Probably many travelers are trying to book a flight on this low cost airline.

The demand on air travel appears to have slowed down as people are cutting back on their expenses. No wonder that low cost airlines such as Jet America come up with creative ways to bring in new air passengers.

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