Dance Troupe Diversity Is Britain's Got Talent 2009 Winner

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Tonight is a major show night in London as the Dance troupe Diversity was just crowned as the winner of the Britain's Got Talent 2009 Finale. Susan Boyle, who made such wonderful headlines with her beautiful voice came second after her final performance. However, Susan is expected to make millions of pounds because of contracts, TV appearances and CD recordings despite not becoming the winner of Britain's Got Talent 2009.

Britain's Got Talent is the UK's equivalent of America's Got Talent or the American Idol and being able to become the winner of such a publicly high-rated TV show is a very big achievement not only in UK but throughout Europe and now even in USA and Australia. Millions of viewers from around the world have followed the show and the live feeds of Britain's Got Talent to see who will become the winner of the 2009 finale. Some even have suggested that BBC America should broadcast the live Finale.

Dance troupe Diversity, who comes from Essex and London is a ten-strong dance troupe. They got the most public votes beating Susan Boyle from Scotland and thus becoming the winner of Britain's Got Talent 2009 Finale.

Diversity's choreographer Ashley Banjo was blown away by the result as the choreographic group was announces the winner of the 2009 Finale of Britain's Got Talent. He said when he heard the Diversity's name he thought he was dreaming. The dance teacher also said that people who have voted for them have changed their lives. The winner Dance group Diversity have only been together since 2007 but with members aged 12-25 they blew the judges away with their incomparable 'transformer' dance routine.

Susan Boyle and Julian Smith accepted their defeat in a very graceful manner. Susan, previously the bookies' favorite to win the show, clapped happily and told Ant and Dec "The best people won. They are very entertaining lads - lads, I wish you all the best". Julian Smith said "At least I got to be chief bridesmaid this time". "I'm just happy to have taken part. It's been an honor really".

By the way, does the Dancing troupe Diversity have a website? I could not find it.

Congratulations to the winners of Britain's Got Talent 2009 Finale Dance troupe Diversity and our best wishes to Susan Boyle and Julian Smith. We look forward to your recording performances and new CDs. In fact, Susan Boyle is already becoming a brand name. You can even buy a T-shirt with her name on. She really did a great job for her beloved Scotland and Britain. Now the travelers may have another reason to tour Great Britain and travel to Scotland.

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