Obama in LA: Traffic Nightmare is Opening Up

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President Barack Obama is in LA, making a fund-raising trip. Yet, his arrival apparently has caused a big jam in the traffic, which is already bad in Los Angeles. However, the traffic may be opening right now.

A plethora of traffic everywhere as Obama arrives in LA

We were going to cover the fund-raising aspect of president Obama's trip to LA. However, the traffic aspect is getting much bigger and Twitter is abuzz with how bad currently the traffic is in the area due to the closure of roads. Here are few tweets that show the picture of how serious the traffic situation is in LA this evening.

@mollyyyG: Thanks Obama for being LA right now & causing a plethora of traffic everywhere. Or consider this: xkalabr: @pattonoswalt that's it. Enough damn LA traffic. I'm outta here. Seriously. Flight leaves in 12 hours. Hope Obama doesn't ground the planes. Even his supporters are unhappy with the traffic situation, baused by the president's arrival to the city. @timcoyne: Obama in town. Love him but he totally jacked the traffic scene up today. People are fired up.

As our team was working on this story, here is the latest update and a good news. "Looks like it's opening up," @quin_tessential just tweeted few seconds ago.

LA Police Department says to LA Times that it had not received information from the Secret Service about the street closures in Los Angeles. Police says many people have called and inquired about the traffic.

The president is in the West Cost to help to raise funds for the executive producer of "ER" and "The West Wing" John Wells. The chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chris Van Hollen and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are also expected to attend the fundraiser event.

According to LA Times many big Hollywood names and celebrities are expected to attend. Steven Spielberg and Barbra Streisand are among those hosting Obama's L.A. fundraiser.

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