El Pais Prints Berlusconi Photos

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Spanish langugage leading newspaper El Pais today printed Berlusconi Photos that had made much noise in recent weeks. El Pais is not a small town newspaper, it's the most widely circulated newspaper in Spain, and publishing Berlusconi villa party pictures will increase the level of controversy that has been raised in Italy and country's politics.

The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who had earlier said that he will personally address the parliament clearing his name, now says El Pais publishing the photos is an "aggression" to privacy. "I have no fear, Photos are innocent, there is no scandal, but this is an unacceptable violation of privacy and a blatant aggression, has said Berlusconi about publishing his party photos in El Pais, quotes the prime minister the Spanish newspaper.

Berlusconi continues in the newspaper that the Sardinia villa party photos are the pictures of "guests" who have done nothing embarrassing, but have been "attacked" in privacy.

"The pictures show people who are given a bath in a jacuzzi in the interior of a private house for guests," Berlusconi replied when he was asked about the image that appears in a completely naked man with an erection, together with a girl lying on a lounger. But when is it that someone has a bath in a private jacuzzi in a house? I think the man has a point here.

Berlusconi party photos published in El Pais on Friday were taken by Antonello Zappadu. He used using a powerful lens to reach to the Berlusconi villa from a far distance in the Mediterranean sea.

On May 30th we published about the Berlusconi photo controversy when the prosecutors in Italy ordered the seizure of about 700 images in total, taken at the new year's party and other occasions. The pictures were taken from outside Mr Berlusconi's villa on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia by a Sardinian photographer.

However, deep in my mind I thought this. The pictures are under seizure in Italy. The reporter could go to another country and publish the images in a local newspaper and have almost the same level of political noise.

This is exactly what happend, as now the top newspaper in Spain El Pais published Berlusconi party photos. The photographer has pixelated the faces of all the guests to preserve their identity. Only Berlusconi's face is not pixelated in El Pais photos.

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