The 2009 Iran Election Results In Ahmadinejad Lead

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It easy to early to make predictions about the 2009 Iran election results, but conflicting information is already coming out of Tehran. So far the result of the 2009 Iran elections is that both candidates have declared victory. However, more news agencies say Mahmound Ahmadinejad has a lead.

There are at least three points we can fix as the results of the 2009 Iranian elections.

1. Huge Turnout
2. Conflicting Information
3. Ahmadinejad lead

Iranian officials say that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is taking the 69 percent of the partial votes. This may result him to be the winner of the 2009 Iranian elections. However, according to BBC the reformist challenger Mir Hossein Mousavi told a news conference that he is the winner of the Iranian presidential elections and that he won by a substantial margin. The state media said that Ahmadinejad so far is leading by 69 percent of the 10 million votes that has been counted so far.

The BBC's Jon Leyne in Tehran says that most of these votes came from rural areas of Iran, where Mr Ahmadinejad is considered to be stronger. Therefore, who becomes the winner of the 2009 Iranian elections may change.

One very notable 2009 Iran election result is the huge turnout. The 2009 presidential elections mean a lot not only for Iran, but also for the neighboring countries and countries as far as the United States. Iranians have gone to the election polls in large numbers to vote in one of the most important elections in the Republic's history. Voters are choosing from among four presidential candidates after a campaign marked by unprecedented public debates and massive rallies. So many people went to the election polls that Iran prolonged the closing of the polling stations two times. It's not known how the results of the 2009 Iranian elections could change before of prolonging polling station closings.

It seems that no one conducted exit polls in the Iranian elections. My search online about Iran election exit poll results, did not return any substantial results.

Iran Election Results will not alter Obama administration's plans to pursue talks with Iran. Reuters is running a story that Obama wants talks with Iran regardless of the 2009 Iranian election results. "The president's decision to engage Iran was not based on a particular electoral result. We are going to engage the Iranian government whether it is led by one faction or the other," a senior State Department official said.

Online voices on the 2009 Iranian elections

Nader_ghaffari tweets that unelected clerics still have final say in iran, but I am still anxiously awaiting the election results for reform. In regard to reformist possible win hakangonenli "is wondering about the results of election in Iran. Good luck to reformists. (Internet helped Obama, I hope it helps to reformists as well)."

France 24 reports that while both candidates have claimed or declared victories, allegedly there has been some "irregularities," which may change the results of the 2009 Iranian elections. In any case the final results of the presidential elections of Iran will be known on Saturday morning.

The tally of Iran election results so far after the 35 percent of the votes counted: according to Mehr News.

1. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 7,027,919 votes (68.8 percent)

2. Mir-Hossein Mousavi: 2,955,131 votes (28.87 percent)

3. Mohsen Rezaii: 162,909 votes (1.72 percent)

4. Mahdi Karroubi: 88,474 (0.86 percent)

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