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Calvin Klein Billboard Gets F

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Calvin Klein, the company that makes perfumes and fragrances, is under fire for it's new billboard in Soho, which people find too sexy. Indeed, Calvin Klein, you get an "F" for socially irresponsible marketing. Do you guys have children? Do you walk on the streets with your 6-8 years old children?

As you can see from the Calvin Klein Billboard in this story photo it's too sexy. The depicts a topless young woman lying on top of a barechested boy while kissing a second shirtless male.

Calvin Klein tells the New York Daily News that the intention of the billboard "was to create a very sexy campaign that speaks to our targeted demographic." People and those who pass by don't think so. This is simple a bad socially responsible marketing and should be removed immediately.

On its website, where Calvin Klein details its policy about Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation Corporate Responsibility, the company writes the following. "At PVH we value... responsibility to the communities where we live and conduct business." A little later Calvin Klein writes "We believe that our long-term success is dependent upon our ability to remain true to our principles and ethics in good times as well as in the most challenging times."

Calvin Klein, if this billboard is the reflection of your social responsibility and demographic target, then I, as 35 years old father of 2 children, am out of that demographic and never want to be part of it. If this billboard is the reflection of your corporate ethics that you mention in your website, then I am out of that too.

In any case, this Calvin Klein billboard gets an "F" and you lost me as a customer. Yes, this billboard did create some buzz, but I will rather go to your competitors. They have great fragrances and perfumes too.

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