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Thousands Sign UK Government Petition For Apology

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Thousands of British citizens have signed an online petition requesting an apology from the government over the treatment of mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing. The campaign has attracted some high-profile supporters, including novelist Ian McEwan and scientist Richard Dawkins.

Turing is widely considered one of the most important thinkers in the development of Computing Science both within the UK and abroad. His work on code-breaking at Bletchley park during the Second World War helped to break the German enigma code, making a hugely significant contribution to the Allied war effort.

From the early days of Computing Science, Turing's influence has been enormous, and remains so to this day. However, his persecution through the British legal system for being gay led to his eventual suicide in 1954.

Alan Turing was convicted for gross indecency following his admission in 1952 of having had a relationship with another man. He was given 'chemical castration' and hormone treatment, and had his security clearance removed, putting an end to his cryptography work for the British government.

His legacy becomes pretty clear when you take a look at the disambiguation page for Turing on Wikipedia.

Written by Sue Smith

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