Keeping a personal journal helps with stress

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As an alternative to My Health Journal, EmaxHealth is offering a free online health journal. The impetus is designed to allow people to share tips and remedies toward better health.

Journaling about health is a great way to keep track of progress, triggers for illness, and keeping a history to share with your physician. EmaxHealth launched the free online health journal this week.

Journaling has other benefits. It can actually have a positive impact on health and well-being. Sharing your progress (or lack of) with others can help others. Self-help can be obtained through others who objectively view your health issues. You can remain anonymous of course, so no worries about complete privacy. The EmaxHealth free health journal only requires a user name and registration.

Keeping a health journal can help you get to know yourself. Journaling is stress reducing. Since EmaxHealth has been devoted to health topics, the new offering is a natural addition for the large community of daily readers. You can simply share health tips, or keep your own journal by registering for your personal health journal.

If you are looking for inexpensive therapy, check out the free online health journal at EmaxHealth. Other websites charge for the service, but with a tough economy, and your health at stake, try sharing tips, tricks, and track your own health progress at the free online health journal.

Sharing your own health journey can keep you happy and healthy, reduce stress, and help others. Change is difficult, but keeping a health journal can make it happen.

Written by Kathleen Blanchard

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