Moscow Registers 1036 Weddings On 9/9/09

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As today's calendar numbers align with three nines like 9/9/09 a record number of people line up to get their marriage license. In the capital of Russia Moscow there were be more than 1000 wedding registrations today.

The officials in Moscow marriage registration offices say there were 1036 weddings today. The tradition of having a wedding on a day that matches with a very unique calendar day, such as 9/9/09 is a recent tradition in Russia. Perhaps it's a 21st century fresh tradition because in the 20th century the current generation did not see calendar dates like 1/1/01 or 7/7/07.

However, this year there was another unique calendar date that witnessed a record number of people getting married in Russia. It was 07/08/09 in August. Only in Moscow, that day there were 1,200 new families formed and the same amount of weddings celebrated, according to the officials, reports RIA Novosti.

In Germany today is a wedding boom, another Russian source Rosbalt reports. In Munich the officials are short staffed and had to add more workers to meet the demand. The time for marriage registration is shortened to 15 minutes aiming to accommodate to all young newly-formed families.

Next year is another big day. It's 10/10/10. It falls on Sunday. Russians officials say they may have to change their weekend schedules to work on that day to marry people.

Our take on it? Dear young people and families. The date will not guarantee your happiness. It is the love, patience and care for one another that will keep your families together. It would be interested to see what is happening in the churches today. Do some churches conduct weddings today? Speaking of churches. Families that pray together stay together.

Written by Armen Hareyan

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