Former Operations Manager Wins Mesothelioma Settlement

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People working in hazardous industries often suffer from fatal diseases due to exposure to harmful chemicals and substances. Adding to their woes is the difficulty in receiving damage compensation from the employers.

This general trend witnessed a welcome change when a patient suffering from mesothelioma - a type of cancer of the lining caused due to exposure to asbestos - received compensation of 181,000 pounds in a record five months’ time, after he was diagnosed with the disease in March 2009.

The 64-year-old person who retired as an operations manager was exposed to asbestos, a proven carcinogenic agent, in the 1960s when he was an assistant fitter in Carillion (Singapore) Ltd (formerly known as Brightside Heating and Engineering) and installed pipes at the building site of Westminster University at the heart of London.

The credit for the win goes to Thompsons Solicitors who took the case against Carillion and forced the company to accept an out-of-court settlement under the mesothelioma fast track system of the Royal Court of Justice.

The client said he wanted to fight the disease, but that the chemotherapy he would receive from the National Health Service would only make him feel worse. He was happy on getting the compensation and said he was now looking forward to receiving the best treatment available anywhere in the world.

Helen Jones of Thompsons Solicitors said their client could now afford alternative treatment for his cancer. She added that the case highlighted the need for early resolution of mesothelioma compensation cases.

Written by Giles Kendrick

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