Walmart begins cell phone plans: prepaid with no contracts

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Walmart plans to extend its near-monopoly status on many things with new cell phone plans. It's Straight Talk cell phone plans will start at 30 dollars per month and will have no contracts coming with it.

Walmart cell phone plans will be exclusively available nationwide in its more than 3200 stores this Sunday. The new cell phone plans are very attractive and the giant retailer, that has already entered into other non-traditional areas of retailing, promises a harsh competition toward the other local and national wireless service providers.

The new Straight Talk cell phone plans from Wal-Mart will drive down the prices.

The company said yesterday that its $30 dollar monthly cell phone plan includes many goodies. It will have 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts, 30MB of mobile Web access, nationwide coverage and 411 calls at no extra charge. For these types of services we are all paying an average of $78 dollars a month. The New Walmart cell phone plans are designed to say the consumer nearly 500 dollars a year.

Another plan that Walmart will provide is for $45 dollars.

The company says that its $45 dollar cell phone plan will give the consumer the following services. It will have unlimited services such as minutes, text and mobile web. The Walmart 45 dollar plan will also have a nationwide coverage and 411 Information calls at no extra charge.

The only one thing that was not understood about the Walmart's Straight Talk cell phone plans is the speed of the unlimited mobile web that the consumers will get. At this time we could not reach officials at Walmart to find that out.

These cheaper prices will take away the market share from the other major cell phone service providers. However, the consumer will gain from it. There is no reason one should be locked in an expensive cell phone service plan in the 21st century. In fact, I am looking forward to this new price drop in cell phone services and commend Walmart with this new bold step of Straight Talk cell phone plan.

Walmart says TracFone Wireless, Inc. has helped to develop its cell phone plan Straight Talk. It is an exclusive Walmart service.

UPDATE: Today, Straight Talk announced an addition of few smart phones to its phone options and a multi-month payment options. This information is updated on April 9, 2010.

Written by Armen Hareyan

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