Southwest Airlines Goes For 72 Hour Ticket Sale

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Southwest Airlines announces its fourth quarter unprecedented 72 hours only airline ticket sales. Air travelers of Southwest Airlines will get $25 to $100 dollar tickets if they book them in the next 72 hours and meet certain conditions.

The Southwest airlines at says that if the customers travel between December 2nd and December 16 of 2009 and January 5th to February 10 of 2010 they can get tickets that cost even $25 dollars. The Southwest 72 hours only sale is available only to select destinations. Here are some conditions that apply to this ticket discount sale.

Customers need to book their tickets in the next 72 hours only. The time has started. It was probably announced sometimes this morning. The 72 hours will end on 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

The Southwest Airlines 72 hours only ticket sale is $25 dollars if the customer travels up to 374 miles. If the customer is going to travel from 375 to 549 miles the ticket cost is $50 dollars. If the customer is going to fly from 550 to 999 miles the ticket price will be $75 dollars. For $100 dollars the Southwest Airlines customers can get a ticket that can fly them more than 1000 miles.

The company says additional taxes, fees and exclusions will apply to its 72 hours only ticket sale.

The company wants to give an extra reason to air travelers to make around holiday travel with this 72 hours only sale. "With fares this low, you should invent a reason to go. But remember, there’s no “OT” on this sale. So put on your game face and score a cheap trip before it’s too late," says the airlines on its website.

Southwest Airlines says the flight segment is defined as a takeoff and a landing. The fine print also reads that "fares do not include airport-assessed passenger facility charges of up to $9.00 and government-imposed" fees of up to $5.00 dollars.

The airlines says the 72 hours only sale is available only for one way destination. They are available only on or Purchase from October 27 through October 29, 2009, 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. As you can see the fees may add up and we will let you do the math when checking how much the Southwest Airlines new deal will cost you.

In any case still this may be a good discount for an air travel. Except other airlines to come up with similar deals to take their shares of Holiday travel.

Written by Armen Hareyan

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