Turkish MP Calls On Azerbaijan To Fight Against Armenia

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In a time when U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton goes to great length with French, Swiss and Russian mediators to bring about the reconciliation between Turkey and Armenia and when OSCE Minsk group reports positive movements on the front of Azerbaijan Armenia negotiations for Nagorno Karabakh, one influential Turkish member of the parliament calls on Azerbaijan to "fight," saying the lands were taken away by blood.

Aladdin Buyukkaya, in an interview to Azerbaijan based Day.az makes an outright call to Azerbaijan to fight for Nagorno Karabakh. In other words, he makes a call for war while the entire international community, superpowers and the mediators work very hard for peace. Buyukkaya is not an average Turkish Parliamentarian.

The Turkish delegation to OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and member of Turkish parliament from ruling Justice and Development Aladdin Buyukkaya literally says the following to the Azerbaijani newspaper, which should not miss from the eyes of the OSCE mediators and all the parties involved in this conflict resolution, particularly French and Russian foreign ministers Bernard Cushner and Sergei Lavrov and the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

While speaking of Turkish role in region and the efforts of Turkey to become a mediator in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia (aren't the mediators supposed to be totally impartial?) Mr. Buyukkaya says "Turkey will fight for restoration of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity to the end. Azerbaijan should also take real steps. It is impossible to achieve a just solution to the conflict waiting for help from Turkey and from other third parties. This problem will not be solved only by will of co-chairs. We call on our Azerbaijani brothers to fight. These lands were taken away by blood.

"We are not saying that the military way is the only solution to the conflict. Azerbaijan’s increased military power will have a positive effect on the process. Azerbaijan must be strong in all spheres, as well as to demonstrate its military power to Armenia. I think the military men also face great challenges. Azerbaijan may follow example Turkey’s Armed Forces. Turkey is not at war with its neighbors, but neighbors admit and agree with its military might."

How constructive is this when all involved parties are working for peace? In fact, these types of statements will not only diminish, but totally remove any grains of trust that the Turkish Armenian protocols may have been risen in the Armenian people against Turkey.

Aladdin Buyukkaya, according to Etkiforum, entered the Turkish politics in 2001 and is one of the founders of the ruling AK Justice and Development Party. He is currently the Chairman of Itabariyle Istanbul.

If peace is to be restored in the region of South Caucasus any call to war or showing of military might should be condemned. Those who call for war, their children will not go and die in the war. In fact the history has repeatedly shown that their children were hidden behind the big packets of their daddies. In fact, if peace is to be restored in the region Buyukkaya is right on one aspect, that "Azerbaijan should also take real steps."

The time has come for Azerbaijan to understand that Nagorno Karabakh is not in its control These are nearly 200,000 Christian people who have voted to leave free from Azerbaijan's oppression, when Armenian schools, universities and churches were closing in Nagorno Karabakh and cultural monuments destroying. We have seen this happening in Nakhichevan.

There is even more to this. In Armenia and Azerbaijan there is already an entire new generation of people who do not know what it means for Karabakh to be under Azerbaijan's rule. This fact has to be taken into consideration as well.

Also, while speaking about Armenia's freeing of what Azerbaijan and Turkey say "occupied lands" it is just to remember the days between 1988 and 1992 when Azerbaijan was using those lands around Nagorno Karabakh to launch military attacks on the civilian population of Nagorno Karabakh. The state directly went to war with its own Armenian minority. How could one expect the Armenian people going back to Azerbaijan's rule?

How could one expect Kosovo going back to being under Serbia's rule?

If the peace is to be restored between Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan, the time has come for the matters being resolved based on justice, not on "military might" as Mr. Aladdin Buyukkaya suggest to his brothers in Azerbaijan. Only peace, based on justice, is sustainable. Then no young soldier will cry because of the pain of a bullet, no parent in Azerbaijan or Armenia will fear for the loss of his or her child and the region will be developed based on peace and justice.

This is the time to build peace, not war. The challenge is to come up with constructive ways of bringing the two societies and neighbors together to to further alienate them by calls to fight.

Written by Armen Hareyan

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