Chaos Inside The UN Summit, Random Arrests and Raids

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The Danish police have escalated their attempts to criminalise and harass activists from the group Climate Justice Action in tactics described as "desperate and self-interested."

The group is an international coalition of grass-roots organisations, representing the voices of those marginalised from the UN process from the start of these negotiations, including indigenous rights activists, farmers movements and environmentalists. (1)

Dr. Tadzio Mueller (2) was arrested by three undercover policemen at around 15.10 just a few minutes after leaving the Bella Centre where he had helped in a press conference presenting Climate Justice Action's protests for Wednesday.

At 16.45 Danish police raided a bicycle workshop being used by demonstrators to prepare bicycle constructions to be used as part of working alternatives to fossil fuel culture in Wednesday's demonstrations.

At 18.00 a further 36 people were arrested at the Klimaforum, the alternative summit taking place in central Copenhagen, while protesting against the seizure by police of the vegetable oil they planning to use for their zero-carbon vehicles.

Simultaneously, about 15,000 delegates, journalists and civil society representatives have effectively been locked out of the summit by being refused accreditation, and delays in applications of up to 8 hours.

Many of these delegates will be joining the demonstrations against the COP process tomorrow, alongside Climate Justice Action (3).

Kamille Hjuler from Climate Justice Action commented: "These are yet more attempts by the UN to silence any criticisms of the COP process, whether from inside or outside."

She continues:
"There is less and less hope in the COP process, and more and more willingness to trample over people's civil liberties in order to stop the mass civil disobedience that will take place at the summit on Wednesday."



(1) Organisations include Climate Camp UK, Terra de Direitos (Brazil) and Focus on the Global South, Via Campesina, Climate Justice Now and the Indian Social Action Forum.

(2) Dr Tadzio Mueller, resident of Berlin, is an accredited NGO observer, academic, author and climate justice activist, who recently edited the book 'Contours of Climate Justice' and is also a co-editor of 'Turbulence' magazine.

(3) The Push for Climate Justice, which will begin from 10am on Wednesday 16th, will create an alternative space for a radically different agenda from that of the COP. It will involve 5-10,000 activists approaching the Bella Centre from the outside, and simultaneous disruptions of the summit from accredited delegates within.

Written by Climate Justice Action Center
Contact international media: +45 50669028
Contact danish media: +45 41294994

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