ER Writer David Mills Dies

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News just broke out that ER writer David Mills, who also wrote the HBO Show "Treme" died just 12 days before the HBO show was coming out.

MSNBC Breaking News just tweeted "David Mills, writer for 'The Wire' and 'ER' among other shows, has died, just 12 days before the premiere of his new HBO show 'Treme'" Other tweets read that he was a very talented writer and will be missed greatly.

Mills died of brain annurism after collapsing on the set. He later died in the hospital, reports

NPR Fresh air is changing its schedule because of David Mills' passing away and tweeted they will have new details coming soon. Probably Freshair will air a show about David Mills.

David Mills was the header writer of many famously known shows. Treme, his latest show, of which he was the lead writer, is about a group of people who worked very hard rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina.

Written by Armen Hareyan

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