Egypt and Turkey Cause Netanyahu's Nuclear Summit Cancellation

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Israel just announced that its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancels its trip to Washington D.C. next week to participate Obama's Nuclear summit aimed at leading the international community toward nuclear free world. Israel's concerns are with Egypt and Turkey as well as the strained relations with the United States.

So far Israel's approach to its possible nuclear arsenal is don't ask don't tell. Israel thought that its nuclear usually is not discussed. However, Israel learned that Egypt and Turkey may bring the issue up and it will be discussed during the summit. Both Egypt and Turkey are concerned with Israel's possible nuclear weapons. If true, that makes Israel the only nuclear power in the region.

Author Avner Cohen, who has covered the region extensively and has written the book "Israel and The Bomb" says he thinks Netanyahu's decision is "silly and unfortunate." He added it's Netanyahu's way of governance, which is sometimes characterized with panic decisions and this is one of them.

He adds that everyone in the government should have expected that Israel's unacknowledged nuclear arsenal would have discussed, although not so much in the agenda, but at least at the opening. So why make a decision like that?

The relations between Israel and USA hit a low point when last month Israel announced it will build a new housing unit in the disputed territory furring president Obama and the US government as it it against the logic of the peace negotiations between his country and the Palestine.

Jerusalem Post reports that Israel will not be un-represented. Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor will travel to the Nuclear Summit in Washington D.C. instead. Jpost also reports that earlier the Israeli government had received assurances from the US administration that the issue of Israel's nuclear arsenal won't be brought up on the agenda. However, Netanyahu decided to cancel his trip after learning Turkey and Egypt may bring the issue up.

Watch Avner Cohen's commentary on Netanyahu's decision to cancel his trip to Washington D.C. next week.

Written by Armen Hareyan


Submitted by Jeff Theriault (not verified) on
Well good, maybe we can stop spending money on Israel for a while.

Submitted by Canadian (not verified) on
, ya keep giving it to Fatah, hamass, Lebanon and what the heck give it to Iran while your at it and why not the rest of the muslim neandrathols

Submitted by Jeff Theriault (not verified) on
Wow, am I the only person leaving comments on this site? Spooky. G'night.

Submitted by ragged soul (not verified) on
Israel is the bane of humanity. No other country has a national delusion the way Israel does (that the Jews have a right to the land of Palestine), no other country has a national policy of genocide towards another race. That Israel is granted leave by the United States to have nuclear weapons and yet, unlike every other nation on earth, not have to divulge their numbers and capacities, is abhorrent. Binyamin 'Nutty Yahoo' Netanyahu is the most evil man alive today. The man deserves equivalent status in Hell accorded Stalin, Hitler and Sharon. Zionism is Satanism. God does not 'contract' with man - there is no need. Satan does though. I feel for the average Jew caught within this delusion.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Ragged Soul makes some pretty harsh statements about Israel but let's look at Turkey and Egypt. Both countries are hardly the epitome of a healthy society. The ongoing persecution of Christian Copts in Egypt is a gross violation of human rights yet why is there no uproar about that? Turkey is even worse - millions of Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Christians were massacred or driven into exile from 1894-1923. Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and commited war crimes on a massive scale. Why is there no UN report about that? Turkey has stolen millions of euros worth of Christian property in Istanbul and carries on religious persecution of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch. Neither of these countries have a right to comment on any other country given their blatant violations of fundamental human right.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It is strange that you are leaving the main subject and start commenting about Turkey and Egypt. The issue simply is Israel is giving itself the right to criticize everyone for thinking of nuclear activity and has a huge arsnal in the region. Instead of looking at the history of what Turkey did, better we look at what is happening right now.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Strange that you decide to give criticism to the two countries for their intention to criticize Israel and forget that the main issue is Israel is actually the only country promoting the nuclear weapon by maintaining large arsenal. Better to look at the issue unbiased and see what President Obama has done recently by imposing control on the nuclear weapons, such attitude is giving the right message to the whole world and Israel should get the message right.

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