Straight Talk Adds Three More Options

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Straight talk, which is also known as Walmart's cell phone plan, today announced three new options that gives the users multi- month payments opportunities. However, there is no change in the pricing.

When in October of 2009 Walmart announced its new cell phone plan Straight Talk it immediately attracted the attention of many phone users with its affordable prices and lack of obligations. Straight Talk came out with two great plans.

One is the 30 dollar a month option. It allows the user to make 1000 text messages per month, 1000 minutes of internet and 1000 minutes of phone talk time per month. The second option is 45 dollars a month and it is literally unlimited. When we asked the Walmart employee to explain if there are any strings attached she kept saying "unlimited."

At the time, the only down size of Straight Talk was the limited options of the phones. Back in October of 2009 it started with three phone options, none of them were smart phones. By now we see Straight Talk has made some good advances.

The company today announced three new unlimited multi-months plans and the website shows more phone options include few smartphones.

The first plans is $135 dollars and is for 3 months. It is called from Spring to Summer. The second is worth $270 dollars and offers to send unlimited messages to friends for 6 months. The third one is $540 dollars and is for one year. Pay once for one year and forget about it. All of the Straight Talk phone plans are prepaid and have no contract obligations. The three multi-month plans are only available online at Currently Walmart only sells the 30 dollar and 45 dollar prepaid cards and phones.

As the reader notices, there is no price change or advantage when the customer pays for one month or one year. In fact why would someone pay for one year if the trend is that the prices are coming down? We are not sure we would recommend the 6-month or 1-year options. We would, though, recommend the 3 month option. The quality of Straight Talk is very good and we have been pleased when trying the service.

It's good to see that Walmart and Straight Talk are adding more smartphones to the service.

Written by Armen Hareyan


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This only makes sense. Why would I give you 1 year's payment up front with no benefits. In other circles this does not go over well, so why here?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Straight Talks customer service has been unavailable for several days and thousands of peoples phones (like my wifes) are non operational with nobody to fix the situation. HORRIBLE!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The customer service has been down for days at straight talk and thousnads are withourt service. Dont buy one.

Submitted by Ginny (not verified) on
I've had it for a week now and its been great. the only thing I dont like is that when I dial out I get a message with how many minutes I have left I'd rather dial a separate number for that once a week.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Brand new phone and we can't get it to accept minutes. Call customer service 15 or more times-everytime a 24 hour wait-nothing. Good phones when working. They should close the doors and go home if they can fulfill their promises.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
don't buy this plans. if they raise the prices i go back to my iphone with ATT.

Submitted by sage on
Bought a cheaper straight talk phone to help keep me on budget. No service and was told I had a defective phone. Take it back and my minutes would be added to the new phone I bought. I lost $30 on that one. They dropped my minutes and said I couldn't get them back. After a month I tried again because a girl at college in tech support said she had one of the new smart phones and loved it. Ive had it aprox 8 hours now and still can't get service or any help from anyone. These people are rude and treat you like your stupid. I had to buy the $45 min. card and now I may lose that amount also. Don't buy one of these phones if you live in a smaller town (I live in Sedalia Missouri -pop. aprox 30,000).

Submitted by star09 on
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