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Detroit Made Cars Grow In American Favorability

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U.S. consumers start loving cars made in Detroit. New survey shows American auto brands are back in favor.

The security problems in several models of Toyota and a more attractive car offers from General Motors (GM), Ford and Chrysler are changing the perception of consumers on cars. Univision reports that a survey by The Associated Press and GfK group, shows 38% of Americans now prefer the vehicles of the Detroit Three. About 33% of the responders have an established preference for Asian brands.

This survey shows a significant improvement for domestic car manufacturers, compared to the numbers observed four years ago.

It seems that the U.S. automakers have opened their eyes. For the first time they are giving the U.S. consumers what they need. We see more fuel efficient smaller cars with higher quality. U.S. car makers are responding well to the market demands.

Interestingly while the quality of Detroit made cars is improving, Toyota's recalls and safety problems question how the other Asian made are doing.

Another factor for this renewed love of American drivers and Detroit Big Three carmakers may be the rise of American interested in the domestically made cars. People do think about the past history and the future of Ford, Chrysler and GM. These are part of our the U.S. history and with increased quality improvement consumers respond back. In other words, Detroit automakers responded to the market needs and the American consumer replied positively.

The AP-GfK survey was conducted in March when Toyota had already suffered nearly 8 million vehicle recalls worldwide. In an AP-AOL poll, conducted in 2006, nearly 46 percent of respondents said Asian made cars are higher in quality and only 29 percent said the U.S. made cars are better in quality. European car quality has not suffered in the polls. It says at steady 15 percent in both surveys.

The AP-GfK poll involved 1002 interviews. Respondents were adults. They were interviewed by land-line and cell phones. The margin of error is 4.2 percent point.

Written by Armen Hareyan

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