Armenia: Good Potential To Export Energy To Turkey

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Armenia sees good prospects to export electric energy to its Western neighbor Turkey, the president of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan said today in his speech during the annual meeting of Nuclear Energy Security Council int he capital Yerevan.

It is amazing how Armenia transformed itself from a country where most of the population did not have electricity for 15-20 hours a day to an energy exporting country in just 15 years. Having no proven reserves of natural gas and oil this small South East European country invested heavily in renewable green energy production, using its rivers, wind, sun and the nuclear power plant which will shot down in the upcoming years as the Armenia is building a new one.

However, the country takes the Nuclear security very seriously. Two weeks ago Armenia was presented on a presidential level in the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington D.C. organized by the president Barack Obama.

Now Armenia looks for ways to expand and export its excess energy in four directions. The president stressed the importance of integrating its energy network with the networks of all of these directions and markets.

Through Georgia and Russia, the country develops on the Northern Direction. Through Iran and the natural gas pipeline production Armenia develops its network to South and Eastern directions to access the energy markets of the Middle East.

While Turkey has closed its border with Armenia in early 1990s because of its support for Azerbaijan, Armenia is in the middle of a slow process to normalize ties with its Western Europe and certain measures are being taken in this regard. Just few days ago the president of Turkey Mr. Abdullah Gul said his country is conducting a "silent diplomacy" with Armenia aimed at full normalization of relations.

“Opening of the closed border with Turkey, which prevents from direct access to European markets, would give the chance to develop economic ties, including in the sphere of energy. Despite the fact that as a result of the Turkish government’s inaction the normalization process is suspended, we see potential for electricity export to Turkey and to transit countries of Middle East”, Armenian President stated.

Exporting electricity to Turkey will become one of the major trade deals between Armenia and Turkey soon after the opening of the last closed border in Europe. Turkey's Eastern provinces that border Armenia are struggling with poverty and have growing energy shortage with the development of the global economy. Armenia's low cost energy will come to fill that gap.

Written by Armen Hareyan

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