Congress Voting on Puerto Rico Statehood, HR2499

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The U.S. House of Representatives will vote on The Puerto Rico Democracy Act (HR2499), which includes the holding of a plebiscite in Puerto Rico to decide if it wants statehood. In other words to decide if Puerto Rico wants to be the 51st state of the United States of America.

UPDATE: * Congress Approves Puerto Rico Statehood Bill

Reuters reports that it is expected the House will pass the Puerto Rico statehood bill HR2499. However, we don't know what will happen in the Senate. If approved by both the House and the Senate and signed into law by the U.S. President Barack Obama HR2499 will formally consult the citizens of Puerto Rico on their preferred political status if they want a U.S. statehood or continue to maintain their current status.

U.S. is giving parental blessings for the first time in 112 years to Puerto Rico to vote for its future status.

If HR2499 is passed the government of Puerto Rico can amend its constitution and come up with a second constitution with options of U.S. statehood, current status or even an independence.

Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory since 1898. It is self-governing, but depends on Washington in matters of defense, monetary policy, immigration and customs.

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The issue of people's self-determination is on the agenda and of concern to other European countries as well. Consider the frozen conflicts in Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan. One of the recent successful cases in the world is the case of Kosovo. The conducted a referendum and voted for independence from Serbia. Serbia has not recognized it, but the world has. There is peace now in the Balkans.

Next case may be Azerbaijan. Nagorno Karabakh, a majority Armenian populated enclave in Azerbaijan is a de facto independent republic. After seemingly endless negotiations a formula for peace is put forward by the Minsk group mediators. According to the scheme the liberated territories adjacent to Nagorno Karabakh will be returned to Azerbaijan in exchange of the latter's recognition of of Nagorno Karabakh's right to self-determination and referendum. Azerbaijan is afraid that referendum will lead to independence because the Christian Armenian population does not want to leave in the same country with Azerbaijan because of the cultural differences and past oppressions.

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The move by the United States to give its paternal blessing with the passage of HR2499 for Puerto Rico status, whether its statehood or independence, may send a peace message to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova to recognize the change in the global dynamics that the 21st century is the end of colonization and beginning of peace.

Written by Armen Hareyan


Submitted by Brett (not verified) on
No, No, NO, NO. Adding Puerto Rico to the nation is like inviting your poor brother that needs a house, a car, a bank account, a credit card, a retirement, and everything else to come live with you when you are barely making it yourself. The US does not have to provide liberty and justice for all - we should worry about ourselves and INSPIRE others to do similarly in THEIR best interest. NOT TAKE OVER DEBT AND MORE CONSTITUENTS THAT WILL DRAG US DOWN FURTHER.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
YOU are an idiot! There are over 3 million UNITED STATES CITIZENS living in Puerto Rico, so explain to me why they should not be a state??? But the US does not allow them to vote in elections, yet gives them citizenship....hmmmm sounds like they would just be given the all the choices we have if Puerto Rico became a state instead of only half the choices. And plus the US is already 12 TRILLION dollars (we will be 14 TRILLION dollars in bebt by next year) in debt.....don't think Puerto Rico is gonna add to much of that. Just thought I would say you are an arrogant American who does not deserve to live here!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Because they don't want to be a state. The way this is being handled is pure trickery, it's the usual progressive smoke & mirror tactics. The left is a corrupt bunch....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Quit the name calling and make a point. If you don't think that 12 Trillion dollars (14 trillion next year) is a problem you need to exam you own check book. Adding any additional debt is not a good idea. Right now Puerto Rico gets all the benefits of US Citizenship, but none of the burdens, example, they don't pay taxes, they aren't held to the same standards as the rest of the country (and yes I've been there, and no not just to the tourist spots). It is going to cost even more to bring them into the fold and will just increase the number of people to the roles of the dependent on the government. We are a country on decline right now because of the mismanagement of resources by our government. It is not the time to expand the country.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
MORON! Do you or have you ever read history books? Have you ever visited this island? better yet, use the internet to expand your brain instead of writing stupid comments like this.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
To the sender of #1 comment, with respect to the right of your feelings. Who are you to say the U.S. shouldn't provide liberty and justice for all!!! If the U.S. would have stayed out of Puerto Rico in the first place they would not be having this vote today!! The U.S. has done well in incurring the debt it has, I'm a proud Puerto Rican vet and the foremost problem is and I think you will agree with me. We need to stop being the Policemen of the Freaking world!! Ramon/U.S. Vet

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Brett, your comments are very stupid!!!!...I read your comments and it made me very angry.. Do some research before you make a comment..Puerto Rico has not been a burden to the United States Of America..When Puerto Rico had a booming sugar cane business, it produced approximately $150,000,000/year in the early 1900's. Who do you think benefited the most from Puerto Rico's Agriculturial productivity! Puerto Ricans had joined the US military from the early 1900's and fought since the 1st war. Read or watch a video about the 69th infantry Puerto Rican soldiers, who fought courageously under tremendous odds..Puerto Rico is a beautiful Island that I love with all my heart..Yes, My family is from Orocovis,Puerto Rico..I was born in NJ..I'm very well educated,College graduate with a B.S. Degree in International Business, and successful..90% of my family members are very well educated and have a professional career...Most of them live in Puerto Rico..Puerto Ricans are very intelligent people..Unfortunately, people like to make negative comments about different nationalities without even knowing what their talking about..Educate yourself,Brett, before making more idiotic comments..Negativity is no good..Always think positive and treat everyone with respect!!!..

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
BIAST! YOU DON'T KNOW SQUAT! Are you from Arizona?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I can not believe that grow adults are so mean to each other like some of you..I am 63 years old and I have seen the days when you could walk on your block @ 9 o'clock @ night without fear..and that is at 9 years old. This Puerto Rico bill ? we don't have a say ao in every thing else..the only say so we have is to vote and if you don't pay attention America and Americans as you kno or as I knew will have no vote either. The more un Americans that come to our Country ,(and I am talking from every country in the World, those that have came here and did it legally ) we will NEVER have a say so on how we want our Country run..I just hope by the time thathappens I am gone..but my children will be here ..and has anyone here that keeps yelling at each other care what the Puerto Rico's want ..they DON'T WANT TO BE A STATE .And it will hurt our economy least right now if we had a strong economy maybe it wouldn't .But they have to be taught english . we have to help them pull up there State to our standards ..and guess what walha we have another California.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Why does everyone think that PR becoming a state will lead them to come to the U.S.? PRicans can already come in and out of the continental U.S., Alaska, and HI as they please, since before you were born. Did Alaska or HI becoming a state lead to a massive influx of them to the continental U.S.? NO!!!!! Are there people from HI and Alaska living in the continetal U.S? YES!!!! Guess what, there are PRicans who also live in the continental U.S. PR becoming a state will change nothing. In fact, it might actually benefit the economy because as of right now, people in PR do not have to pay U.S. taxes. Do you?


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