Puerto Rico Statehood Bill HR 2499 Gets Congressional Approval

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U.S. Congress today approved Puerto Rico Democracy Act (HR2499) allowing Puerto Rico to go for a referendum to decide if it wants a statehood, to maintain its current status. This may even open a door for the small Caribbean vacation island to look for independence. If the Puerto Rico decides to change the current status it will face four options.

Whether it is opening a door for independence or Puerto Rico's statehood the new HR 2499 legislation will cause changes int he relationship that Puerto Rico has had with the United states for the past 112 years. The options are now the possibility of a statehood, becoming the 51st state of USA, becoming more of a country or become and independent entity.

This initiative gives Puerto Rico a two-step pathway to express their will. It may change the political future of the island.

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The 2-Step Pathway: Statehood or Other

In the first stage of the developments the residents of the Caribbean vacation island will choose if they want Puerto Rico to remain a commonwealth or take a different route. In case they prefer to change that status, there will be an amendment in the constitution of Puerto Rico. It will offer four options. Those four options are statehood for Puerto Rico making it the 51st state of the United States of America, Independence, acquire sovereignty while maintaining a partnership with the United States or again keep the current relationship with USA.

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Written by Armen Hareyan


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This bill takes away from the Puerto Rico nationals the option to stay as is. This is a farce to force this island to become the 51st state even if they do not want to. They will vote first on a referendum "Are you happy with the status quo?" Of course, no-one is: are you, is Glenn Beck, is Nancy Pelosi? So, when they state they are not happy with status quo, and say no, then the option to stay in their current relationship with the US is GONE.... Their only option will be to become the next state using the Tennessee option. (look that up)...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Notice that the article above makes no statement about Puerto Rico remaining the same. Three times they voted on this issue, but they voted as shown above, but had the option to remain as is. NO MORE. Trickery at its best.. Remember what I am saying here and try to watch this as it unfolds...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
About damn time we start giving other people choices to thier future. As a soldier, i'm ashamed at the impirialism duchebaggery we've imposed for the past...God knows how long. Mabie this is a start of an America who's policies aren't rittled with evil bully world nazism. Puerto Rico, make your future and dont let a bunch of assholes get in the way.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Do you seriously think that Puerto Rico does not have a choice? If they don't, how come they have voted on it several times before? This is NOT about giving Puerto Rico a choice, it is about taking that choice away from them and forcing them to become a state so we can TAX them and gain rights to their Natural Resources. The Puerto Ricans know how much becoming a state would hurt them and that is why they have said no before. They do not want this, and we have no right to force it on them.....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
yeah, um, the only people that want PR to become another state are libs. Libs will give all the goodies to them so they can have a dominant voting block. I say, let PR become a sovereign nation and let them fend for themselves. No reason for us to hold on to them, after all we already have NYC, that's like PR and DR right there!

Submitted by Ken (not verified) on
Of course they don't want to become a state then they will have an obligation to us! Wow pay your part and finally settle the bill for the thousands that just easily float over and take advantage of all the programs and incentives that the US has! Why would they want to have to do that! Imagine this They become a state and we can freely tax everyone there and finally put some money back into our till for the liberties they enjoy, Healthcare, lower cost goods and free movement from the island to the US. Then we can go down there and start saying they need to change the native language to English like they press so hard to have done here to have it changed to spanish! I say close the gate let them stay on their island and let them lose the benefits they now enjoy for nothing instead and finally put things in check. This is a long time coming and I hope what happens is they close their own coffin on this and vote themselves OUT!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I doubt your a soldier, except in World of Warcraft or some other bullshit. Listen, take your 7-11 nuked lunch, your redbull and coke and get back to your mothers basement where you probably jerk-off to anime and leave the adults alone. By the way, I doubt you are even old enough to vote.

Submitted by Xeranar (not verified) on
Why? Because protectorates are a relic of the imperialist past and Puerto Rico is effectively a state regardless of it's legal status. In most cases the citizens of Puerto Rico enjoy all the rights and privileges afforded full citizens but without the burdens of certain taxes. Puerto Rico's leadership knows that without statehood they'll fall backwards toward Haiti-like economic status so joining as a state is pretty much their SOLE option. While unfair, it is a necessity. In 1959 when we included Hawaii & Alaska, Puerto Rico should have joined as well.


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