What American Idol Fans Tweet About Lee DeWyze Hallelujah

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Lee DeWyze's Hallelujah became the "talk of the town" and made him an online celebrity overnight.

Last night at American Idol Lee DeWyze with his song Hallelujah (watch Hallelujah video here), offered what the fans of American Idol have been looking for the entire season. There has been number of reports in the media on how boring this season of American Idol has been. But then comes DeWyze and makes a big change with Hallelujah.

This morning's tweets witness to that change.

Some tweet and say how great his performance was. Others say his song and performance was big because he believes in himself.

LeeAnnPrice writes "About Lee DeWyze - why do U think he's kicking it now on Idol? Because he believes in himself WAY more & it shows in his performance." SuperYummie writes "Lee Dewyze Hallelujah, You are so great. I wish u would become American Idol S9 winner,"

Mari_0_0 tweets "I love Lee DeWyze and last night for the first time I felt he's winning this thing."

* Watch Lee Dewyze Hallelujah Video

Yet, there are people who think Lee DeWyze, while being so good, is not the heart of the season. Still, they acknowledge he is a big challenge to all.

Here is what @dior_xo tweets. "Lee DeWyze was so good! Love his performances! But srsly, stop saying he's the "heart of the season", Crystal is equal to him at least!"

Written by Armen Hareyan

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