Barcelona Wants to Sign Cesc Fabregas, But in Huge Debt

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FC Barcelona election candidate Sandro Rosell argued today that he stands for signing of David Villa and possibly Cesc Fabregas from the sporting point of view saying the soccer team needs them. However, he expressed his reluctance to both additions from the economic point of view recalling the Barcelona's stratospheric debt of 489 million euros.

Sandro is running to become the president of FC Barcelona.

"You have to be careful, we are not good from a financial standpoint. We have a stratospheric level of debt and it is very high. Our debt is about 489 million euros. We must improve the workforce each year, but we are also managing economic resources of a club so it can survive," Rosell said during his speech at the 'sports breakfast' of Europe Press.

He also said not much is known about the negotiations with Villa and Fabregas, stressing "we need more information" from the economic point of view. Rosell said adding the price to pay for Villa and Cesc Fabregas would extend FC Barcelona's debt by another 100 million euros.

On the other hand, according to Arsenal fans fear that Fabregas' leaving may mean a start of mass exodus from Arsenal. "It is the news that all Arsenal fans feared, but were all secretly expecting. Cesc Fabregas, the club’s captain, talisman and longest serving player, flew into London this week to tell his manager Arsene Wenger that he would like to leave the club and sign for his old side Barcelona," Foodtballfanscast reports.

If Fabregas leaves for Barcelona, this may well mean a failure on the part of Arsenal in regard to its tactical strategy. In the meanwhile Mikel Arteta is talked to be the replacement for Cesc Fabregas if the latter leaves for Barcelona. Arteta is another Spaniard.

The rumor is that Fabregas has already told Arsenal's Arsene Wenger that he may be already leaving for Barcelona starting this summer. However, it's not really clear yet. While Barcelona wants him, the debt issues put his coming to the club and that of David Villa's into question.

Written by Armen Hareyan


Submitted by prannoy das (not verified) on
It will be great if fabregas joins barcelona and moreover it will be a hot favorite spain squad except Ramos,Casillas and Villa coming in.But Cesc will not be that much highlighted like in arsenal for stars like Iniesta,Xavi,and Messi in the midfield.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Sort it out Barca - stop tapping up players, respect business rules and shut up!

Submitted by me (not verified) on
it is roughly 200 m euros will be that amount if we sign Cesc..still we have to pay ibra, chygri and so on.

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