Israel Worried Turkey May Send Navy Ships With Next Flotilla

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The issue that Turkey may send navy ships to accompany its next humanitarian aid to Gaza with the second flotilla is of "great concern" to Israel.

A senior Israeli official tells Jerusalem Post that "his is a definite possibility that we need to prepare for." How will Israel prepare for such an event is not elaborated. Hopefully things won't get to that level of escalation.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Israel not to test Turkish patience. He said Israel can't legitimize what he did with the Gaza flotilla. "Turkey’s hostility is as strong as its friendship is valuable," Erdogan said.

Two more ships are expected to enter the Israeli waters in the next coming days. The concern is that Turkish military may change its position against Israel and send navy ships to accompany the humanitarian aid. While it is less likely as Turkey is a NATO member, Israeli officials have said they are concerned about this possibility and stressed need to prepare for it.

A top navy officer says that they are under orders to intercept other ships heading toward Gaza. Jpost reports that the new ship interceptions will use more force. “We boarded the ship [the Mavi Marmara] and were attacked as if it were a war,” one officer said. “That will mean that we will have to come prepared in the future as if it were a war.”

What did Israel find in Gaza flotilla

On the board of Mavy Marmara Israel has identified 50 passengers having ties to various terror organizations. This is what Israel says. The country also reports finding the following items on the Gaza flotilla, which it says can't be categorized as humanitarian aid.

* Cache of bulletproof vests
* Night-vision goggles
* Gas masks

Can't we just solve this diplomatically? On a related news Turkish tourism industry warned yesterday in Hurriyet that the country will lose Israeli tourists. Vacationers from Israel comprise a large portion of business in Turkey's travel and hospitality industry.

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Submitted by Turkish friend ... (not verified) on
they are demanding and wanting everythign for free and complain costantly, and steal tv parts as they leave and towels from the hotels and do not really spend money, they came to Turkey it is cheep, if Greece wants them please take them and you will see how quickly you want them out

Submitted by Archer (not verified) on
Despite all the tension, That comment made me laugh! What I don't understand is, whenever Turkey rebukes Israel, we hear how Turkey would lose economically and examples follow, no tourists! how they were to be blamed for the Kurds(here types one of them) the Armenians(i am sure another is reading now)...we can't solve our problems by blaming each other and showing each other sticks and changing subjects! right is right and wrong should be wrong. by the way i think there is not much difference between the Greeks and the Turks.... here is something to read i didn't finish reading it myself, i mean well by posting it, no offence meant. n

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
If I were Turkey, I wouldn't test Israel.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You got that the wrong way round. Israel should not test Turkey. Israel has far more to lose including the possible war.

Submitted by Leman (not verified) on
Israel is a tiny country with a 'parasitical relationship' with the US whereas Turkey managed to become the 16th largesteconomy on her own. The same Turkey currently is the second fastest developing economy in the World. Furthermore Turkey has the most highly trained and robust armed forces in the region. Turkey has always helped the Jewish people throughout history however if Israeli tourists stop coming HEY be it they already been replaced by Arab and Iranian tourists four times over who are more generous spenders anyway! Good luck Israel in your complete isolation in the lake of hatred of your own design.

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