All That God Does He Does Well: One Rabbi's Story

Strawberry in the woods

You may have heard that triumph grows out of suffering. When this Rabbi entered a village - while traveling - no one gave him a place to stay. He stayed in the woods. In the middle of the night his lamp was blown, ass and rooster chased away and killed. But see what happened the next morning when he returned to pass through the village.

Rabbi Akieba took a trip to a strange land. He took an ass, a rooster, and a lamp.

Since he was a Jew he was refused hospitality in the village inns, so he decided to sleep in the woods.

He lit his lamp to study the Holy Books before going to sleep. But a fierce wind came up knocking over the lamp and breaking it. So he decided to turn in, saying, "All that God does, he does well."

During the night some wild animals came along and drove away the rooster and thieves stole the ass. Rabbi Akieba woke up, saw the loss, but still proclaimed easily, "All that God does, he does well."

He then went back to the village where he was refused lodging only to learn that enemy soldiers had invaded it during the night and killed all the inhabitants. He also learned that these same enemy soldiers had traveled through the same part of the woods where he lay asleep.

Had his lamp not blown out he would have been seen. Had not the rooster been chased it would have crowed, giving him away. Had not the ass been stolen he would have brayed. So once more he said, "All that God does, he does well."

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