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Brief Explanation Meaning of Six Sundays of Lent

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Sundays of Lent

Lenten time of repentance and self-examination is nearing to conclusion. Today is the last Sunday of Lent according to many church calendars, including the Armenian Church, and it's called the Sunday of Advent. Lenten journey is amazing if done right. Here is a brief explanation of what each Sunday means and the message behind.

Good Sunday morning dear friends. It's a beautiful Spring Sunday and I wish you a great day. This is the last Sunday of Lent, and it's called Sunday of Advent. Next Sunday is Palm Sunday and April 20th is Easter I am not sure where this word came from, but the real name is the Feast of Resurrection of Christ, which gives us the same hope of resurrection and eternal life with our Creator Father in His house. I don't know of a bigger joy.

All Sundays of Lent have the following special meanings.

1. Sunday of Good Life. In the Armenian church this is the very first Sunday of Lent. This is kind of the same as Mardi Gras, but with an approach of different angle. This is the Sunday when we the humans, remember the good life that humanity had in the Garden of Eden, with God, in His Paradise.

2. Sunday of Expulsion. This is the second Sunday of Advent. We remember how the human being, not satisfied and not appreciating what he/she had in the Paradise, sought another paradise, away and without God. Man wanted another life according to his own will. God, as a caring Father, said looks like you don't understand what you have and took it for granted. I am going to take this away from you and put you outside of the Paradise so you look at it from a different angle and long to return. We do the same to our children don't we? Because when our children don't understand what we, as parents, do for them, they don't appreciate our gifts. As a result, parents take the gifts away, or don't buy new gifts so children can learn to appreciate gifts of life.

3. Sunday of Prodigal Son. In this Sunday Jesus tells the story of the return of the prodigal son who squandered his father's inheritance in a foreign country and then realized that it's better for him to return to his father and ask for forgiveness. This is what happens to all of us. At some point, the better the sooner while we have time, we realize that we are living a life full of sin and sinful thoughts. We sincerely return to our Creator Father only when we realize this and return to him with repenting heart.

4. Sunday of the Steward. This the Sunday when we remember that while in this world, everything that is given to us, is temporary. Our possessions are only for temporary use and they don't belong to us. At some point they will be taken away from us. They are only for this world and what matters is how do we manage them. How do we manage our time in this world and our possessions. Do we focus on them and stay attached to them or rather we focus on God and His Kingdom where He invites us as our final destination? Do we share our possessions with our other brothers and sisters or do we keep only for ourselves and long to multiply them?

5.Sunday of the Judge. In this story Jesus showed us that even an unjust Judge, who didn't have the fear of God and didn't regard men, can grant justice to people just to be left alone. If so, Jesus tells us, how much our heavenly Father who loves us will grant us if we pray unceasingly and with faith. Why our prayers aren't always answered is a different question. We are reminded that as cellphone batteries need to be charged and cars need to be filled with gas in order to operate, likewise human beings need to connect their souls with the ONE WHO made them in order for them to operate a life according to their nature, namely; body and soul. If we don't eat for 15 days we will become weak and eventually die. But what my our soul doesn't eat heavenly food for one month? This is why have what we have around us: a world filled with people who's souls are hungry and thrusting for true charge, true Divine Energy, true Divine Light. And you can be the bearer of that Light to your brothers and sisters today. Matthew 5:16

6. Sunday of Advent. After the meaning of the previous 5 Sundays is understood, this Sunday calls on people to remember that the journey can't be completed and fulfilled alone. Human beings need a Savior, to save them from our enemies. Namely: pride, envy, love for money, love for power, egocentric, deception and so on. God knows we can't do this alone and he sends us a Savior: Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, in other words His radiation. We are reminded to keep this in mind and use this amazing and powerful gift with every breath.

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday, where we celebrate Jesus' triumphant entry to Jerusalem. The crowd welcomed Him as a King with palms, but in 5 days they would vote for His Crucifixion by calling "Crucify Him, Crucify Him..." We actually do the same today every time we break the commandments of love and go against our nature. But this is a different story.

The following Sunday, April 20th, we celebrate His Resurrection, remembering and believing that He conquered death and invited us to eternal life with Him, in His house.

If you doubt the eternal life after death, remember, there is no proof that there is death. No one has come back from there and said, you know, there is actually nothing there. There are only two roads after your time on this earth end. Please choose life.

"I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the Lord is your life..." Deuteronomy 30:19-20

Have a blessed Sunday.

Image by Father Ghevond, a monk of the Armenian Church in Jerusalem, reprinted from his blog with his permission.