Certified Military Residential Specialist: Accepting a VA loan is an honor

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So what does it mean to be a Certified Military Residential Specialist? I saw the continuing education class listed, and wondered how that could help me in my real estate career. Would it make me understand VA loans better? Would it make me able to answer military families relocation questions better? How would it make me a better agent?

Soon after sitting in the auditorium I was told this class would not do any of the things I wondered about the VA , or relocation of military families, but it would give me a deeper understanding about just what obstacles and hurdles military families experience opposed to everyday civilians.

Certified Military Residential Specialist class taught me about sensitivity... for what our military have gone through in combat. About what not to ask, and what I should ask to get a better understanding of just how I can help them better as clients. It taught me that as an agent, that I should be proud to recommend to my sellers that accepting a VA loan is an honor, not something bad as sometimes mistaken.

Most of all, it taught me as an agent that I want to do better, be better and be worth fighting for. It was drilled into our heads yesterday in that continuing education class that "One person can't do everything, but everyone can do just one thing." My one thing I pledge to do on this Veterans Day, is to go above and beyond in the support of our military.

I am proud to have been able to be a part of such a wonderful class and would recommend to anyone to take the Certified Military Residential Specialist continuing education course.

Melissa Zimmerman
Real Estate Agent / Huntersville, NC
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Carolinas Realty

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