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Common Misconceptions About Hiring A Real Estate Agent

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I have now had the wonderful opportunity to help make people’s dreams of home ownership a reality for the past 8 months and have come across several misconceptions that I think limit people, particularly my fellow military members, from reaching their dreams and fullest opportunity to invest in their futures.

Many people utilize the internet to conduct their own research on available properties when planning a move. Although this is a great tool, many internet sites are not updated in a timely manner creating disappointment when people fall in love with a home on the internet that is no longer available.

I can provide you with a property search that is linked directly to the Arizona Multiple Listing Service which is the tool used by every agent in Arizona to list properties for sale or rent. Many military members utilize the USAA Mover’s Advantage Program or other online resource to get assigned randomly to a local agent. Although these companies may be wonderful, they are only affiliated with a few real estate companies which significantly limit your options and does not afford you the opportunity to decide if the agent is actual right for you.

Instead of being randomly assigned, I can assure you that the integrity, excellence, and responsive customer service I provided in the military for 21 years has transmitted to my real estate business. Many military members do not know the Extremely Valuable benefit of the VA Home Loan Guarantee and think they cannot afford to buy. Absolutely not true!

Here in Arizona, the rental market actually cost you more both upfront and monthly than buying a home using the VA Home Loan. Even worse, you are putting $12,000 to $24,000 in your landlord’s pocket a year that could have been building equity in your home. The typical mortgage for a $220,000 home here in Arizona with a 4% interest rate is $1,050. The VA Home Loan offers you ZERO down and often with lender’s credits you actually wind up walking away with money at Close of Escrow. Many people think hiring a real estate agent is costly. This is simply not true.

Here in Arizona the Seller or Landlord is responsible to pay commissions on transactions, so having a professional real estate agent represent you as a buyer or tenant is completely free to you. As a Seller, there is often the dream of paying less for services rendered however, the standard 6% commission (3% to the Seller’s Agent/3% to the Buyer’s Agent) is well worth the peace of mind a professional real estate agent equipped with knowledge, experience, and access to multiple levels of marketing provides you; you do not need to do any hard work.

I utilized hundreds of marketing tools available at my fingertips to get your property sold in the time you want, for a price that is competitive with the market.

Did you know only 7-12% of For Sale By Owners actually sell? This is depressing and creates unnecessary stress for people trying to move on a timeline.

As a professional real estate agent, I have access to knowledge and information about our West Valley neighborhoods and current market trends here in Arizona to ensure you never pay more for a home than it is worth and are able to sell your home for fair market value.

Real estate agents have knowledge of market conditions which is otherwise not available to everyday people. This contains information on average cost per square foot, average sales prices, ratios and much more. All these things are gathered by me to help you make your final decision.

Additionally, I have professional relationships with lenders, home warranty companies, title companies, and local vendors to help take you from pre-qualification all the way to unlocking the door to your new home. As many of you know from working with me, I am a Master Negotiator, ensuring my client’s best interest are always put above my own to ensure you are treated with dignity and respect at all times. If you want more information on buying, selling or renting a home here in Arizona give me a call!

Aubrie Jones, Real Professional
Real Estate Agent / Goodyear, AZ
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties

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