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The Contrast of Palm Sunday That is Present Today

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Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday when Jesus entered Jerusalem, happy people greeted him like their king, but Jesus looked at them and wept. Wow, what a contrast right?

This was not the first time Jesus was coming to Jerusalem, but something very important had happened two days ago. He had raised Lasaurus, (who had been dead for 4 days) from the dead. This unbelievable miracle had happened publicly in the present of some religious authorities because Bethany, where this happens is very close to Jerusalem.

So people greeted someone whom they believed can feed 5,000 with 2 loves of bread, who can walk on the water, can health the sick and give sight to the blind, and has power over death: who can raise people from the death. But Jesus looked at them and wept.

He wept, because He knows the future and because of human sins that future didn't look good. And in fact in 37 years after that day Jerusalem was destroyed.

But this raises a very important question for us today, for you an me dear reader. If Jesus looks at you and me today, looks at our lives, the way we live, the way we manage our time, the way we manage our possessions and the way we manage our thoughts, will he weep or will He say Bravo my child, You have done it well. Want it or not, but everyone of us seeks that "Bravo" from the one who made us. One day, we will all need that a lot.

Have a meaningful Palm Sunday.

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